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Muslim “Protection money gang” tyrannized Vienna-Meidling and wanted to “do jihad”



The young “protection money gang” was heavily armed. She terrorized her victims with arson attacks, severe extortion and robberies. The main suspect is Bosnian (17). The police found photos of the accused with the IS flag, as well as IS videos on their cell phones. They wanted to “do jihad,” says one member.

Robberies, building a bomb, an arson attack with a Molotov cocktail, a list of torture victims, as well as terror with Kalashnikovs, knives and machetes: the “protection money gang” spread fear and terror in Vienna-Meidling. Numerous attacks took place within a very short period of time and led to numerous arrests. There are now increasing indications of a radical Islamic background. The headquarters of the young gang is said to have been in a mosque in Meidling.

Clothing with IS symbols and violent videos are also seen as evidence of connections to IS. LPD Vienna

The main suspect is said to be a Bosnian (17) with contacts in the radical Islamic scene. He and nine other suspects between the ages of 14 and 21 are accused of several serious crimes in an indictment. The list ranges from forming a criminal organization, predatory theft, aggravated arson, serious bodily harm, damage to property, aggravated robbery and aggravated extortion to numerous violations of the weapons law, reports “heute”.

The attack with a Molotov cocktail was filmed by the surveillance cameras of the affected shop. LPD Vienna

Videos from the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) were found on the cell phones of some members of the gang. One suspect stated that there were IS sympathies among his accomplices who said they wanted to “do jihad.” The Vienna youth justice service suspects “possible advanced religious-Islamist radicalization” in three of the suspects. Two of the boys even posed for photos with weapons in front of an IS flag.

A blackmail letter also contained a cartridge for an assault rifle. LPD Vienna

The judiciary released two of the suspects after just ten days. The investigations and the authorities' reactions remain a critical point in the public debate.