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Msian Woman Wants Grab To "Justify The Cost" After Paying RM50.50 For 5km Ride


Msian Woman Wants Grab To "Justify The Cost" After Paying RM50.50 For 5km Ride
Sources: Pexels/Grab
Kuala Lumpur is famous for many things like good food and nice places to visit. But, there are downsides to living in KL. Ask any local and they’d probably tell you that the worse part are the jams.
Getting around KL quickly isn’t easy, but we do have our ways. One popular method is Grab, which many of us have to admit, has been a lifesaver on occasion. However, lately, rides have been getting more expensive. In fact, one netizen recently took to Twitter to complain about paying RM50 for a 5km ride!
Source: Wallpaper Flare
According to the tweet, this rather expensive ride had taken place yesterday (23rd March). “Hi @anthonyloke and @MOTMalaysia, this is how much I (paid) on @GrabMY for a 5km journey today after changing (the) location with the agreement of the driver. RM50.50 For 5KM!” the netizen reiterated.
The screenshot uploaded showed that the netizen had set off from MRT Phileo Damansara at 5:34pm and arrived at Masjid Aminah Al-Muhairi at 6:40pm. However, she later clarified that their journey had only started around 6:10pm as they had booked the ride around 5:36pm. The lady alleged that the ride had taken around 20 to 25 minutes, with them arriving at their desired location around 6:42pm. “Please justify the cost,” they added.
Source: Twitter/@emmelynnamal
Source: Twitter/@emmelynnamal/pxhere
Netizens were quick to weigh in on the situation. Several pointed out that as it was during peak hour, and a jam was expected, the price hike was understandable. However, the original poster argued otherwise. “Initial price for the trip to a place close by was RM27.50. As soon I changed the location, it hiked up to RM50.50,” they stated. With the new information, one explained they suspected either a time factor, or a system glitch.
Others however, gave the netizen flak for not wanting to pay more for the driver. “More than an hour’s journey and you expect to pay less than RM30? I salute the drivers who are willing to drive you..” one said. But, the woman responded: “I had no issue with the driver. My question is why the price hike from RM20 to RM50 just because I changed the location and the difference was like 1km.
Source: Twitter/@emmelynnamal
A few have suggested alternate rides, such as taking the LRT, the bus or walking. As a comment read: “If it is expensive, don’t take.” However, the Twitter user clarified that there was no bus available nearby, and as it had been raining and she had been injured, she had been reluctant to walk.
Well, we certainly cannot deny how expensive Grab has been getting. But, there are alternative routes, such as our public transports like busses and trains, if they are available. There are also alternative e-hailing apps for your convenience.
Source: Twitter
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