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Chitchat Msia Woman gets brand new car after working for 10 years (How about Sinkie workers like u?)

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Woman gets brand new Proton SUV as reward after working for JB jeweller for 10 years​

The jeweller said the reward served to recognise the employee's "relentless efforts and significant contributions to the company".​

Fiona Tan

A woman who has worked for 10 years for a jeweller in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, received a Proton X50 vehicle as a reward from her company.

Proton is a Malaysian automotive company, and its X50 models have a starting price of RM86,300 (S$24,530), according to its website.

The woman subsequently shared her joy on Xiaohongshu on Mar. 13, 2024, expressing her gratitude for her employer, TianSi Jewellery.

Screenshot via @妮爱倪/Xiaohongshu
In the post, the woman shared that she was "very grateful" to be working at a good company like hers, as her boss has kept to their promises to their employees over the years.

She said during her 10 years at TianSi Jewellery, she was given opportunities to broaden her horizons, including attending a company-sponsored course that cost a five-figure sum in Malaysian ringgit.

Additionally, she also went on multiple trips that were fully paid for by her employer, and also received "pocket money" from the company.

"I am really content with my life right now because by working for my company, I was able to purchase two flats as well as two cars under my name, and I was able to provide my family with a good life with my own hands," the woman wrote.

A symbol of gratitude for employee's effort and contribution​

In a LinkedIn post sharing about its reward for its employee, TianSi Jewellery said that the X50 vehicle was awarded to the woman to recognise her "relentless efforts and significant contributions to the company".

Additionally, this X50 is also "an investment" in its culture of excellence and team spirit, said the jeweller.

"By celebrating moments like this, we not only show our respect for individual achievements but also showcase our corporate culture and values to the world."