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Motorist who knock down people on zebra crossings are almost always wrong.


Motorist who knock down people on zebra crossings are almost always wrong.

By right, all vehicles before the zebra crossing (/ road junction with a stop line) must come to a complete stop, check that it is safe to proceed, then pass.

From Singapore highway code textbook:

No reason to motorist to charge/ accelerate towards zebra crossings in an outright challenge to SCARE pedestrians and other PMD users to give way to their own steel wagons.

Nowadays, there are many PMD users on the streets and shared footpaths and thus car drivers need to be extra alert when approaching zebra crossings and actually stop actively check for on coming pedestrians or other PMD on coming traffic (with a speed limit of 15-25kph), otherwise for the motorist, I think a DUAL offence of failing to keep a look out and failure to stop at stop line have BOTH happened.

All car drivers attempting to cross a 2-4 lane, dual carriage main road will always check that both perpendicular directions of traffic (mostly travelling at 50kph) are clear before proceeding, there is no reason why this cautious behavior shouldn't happen before zebra crossings.

Since technology and population size have both risen, all motorist have to be more alert and compliant with road rules.