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More than half, and maybe as many as 75%, of Gaza deaths are Hamas terrorists, not civilians!



The Gaza ministry of health has not directly counted 31,000 dead. Their own documentation says that they directly counted some 17,000 in their hospitals, and (as of March 4) over 13,000 from "trusted media sources."

Those "trusted media sources" are the Hamas "government media office," that the UN calls "GMO."

Now, let's look at the incident from the Kuwaiti roundabout last week. The Ministry of Health said that 20 were killed while the Hamas media office said 100 were killed.

The Hamas media office simply makes things up out of thin air. Just as we've seen from the Al Ahli hospital explosion, they will inflate death tolls by 5 times or more. And the media knows it - none of them reported the higher Kuwaiti roundabout figures (that were killed by Palestinian gunmen.) Yet the UN relies on the Hamas media office for its statistics of women and children killed, as well as the total number killed given by the MoH which includes the 13,000 from Hamas, and then the UN figures get reported as factual by the media.

Now that means that the 13,000 killed reported by Hamas are highly suspect. We can imagine there are some bodies that never made it to hospitals, but not anything close to 13,000.

In short, there are not 31,000 dead in Gaza. The real number is thousands less.

Let's be generous and pretend that Hamas only inflates their portion of the death toll numbers by a factor of 2. That would mean that the total Gaza death toll is closer to 23,000, not 31,000.

Now, Israel is reporting that it has killed 13,000 Hamas and other terrorists. From previous wars, IDF estimates of terrorists killed were found to be accurate even though they were hotly disputed at the time.

If the IDF has killed 13,000 terrorists, and the total Gaza death toll is 23,000 and not 31,000, that means that 56% of those killed are Hamas.

If the real death toll is closer to 20,000 (which would be my guess with Hamas inflating their numbers by a factor of 5), then the percentage goes up to 65% - nearly two out of three being terrorist, which is an absolutely stunning number given how much Hamas relies on human shields as its defensive strategy.

But the number killed could be even less than that.

We are not even counting the number of civilians killed by Hamas fire and rockets that fell short that are blamed on Israel. Gaza authorities count 471 in the hospital explosion, 117 in the stampede on Al-Rashid Street, 70 in the Salah al-Din road explosion, and numerous other incidents that Israel has denied being involved with. There were also undoubtedly other misfired terror rockets that killed Gazans. Hundreds of Gazans have been killed by terrorist fire, and yet Israel is blamed for all the deaths.

Beyond that, in previous wars we saw that Hamas would blame people who died a natural death on Israeli fire. About 500 Gazans die of natural causes every month, and we can expect most or all of them - 2,500 so far - have been included in the casualty figures. It is the easiest way to pretend Israel is responsible for thousands of real deaths that would have happened anyway.

That is easily 3,000 more deaths that are likely counted by "Gaza authorities" and had little or nothing to do with Israel.

Which may mean that the actual number of deaths by Israeli fire is closer to 17,000 - meaning that 75% of Gazans killed may be Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists, a 3-1 ratio of terrorists to civilians!

The real story of this war is the one discussed by military experts like John Spencer an Col. Richard Kemp - that the IDF has done an incredible job not only of crippling Hamas but doing so with the absolute minimum of civilian deaths given the difficulty of urban and tunnel warfare.

Once you realize that the total casualty figures are likely to be exaggerated, the IDF accomplishments are even more impressive.


Alfrescian (InfP)
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In short, there are not 31,000 dead in Gaza. The real number is thousands less.

I think the actual number is likely to be over 40,000 dead fakestinians.

hamas wants to play down their casualties to boost their image before the fakestinians and moslems. There's also a lot of jihadists and hamas supporters buried alive under the collapsed tunnels and buildings.