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Minority Presidential Elections in Singapore the baggage / curse of Singapore's colon


Minority Presidential Elections in Singapore the baggage / curse of Singapore's colonial past.

And PAP is just using the same rule book and setting the same 'divide and rule' racially based (CMIO) rules that the British use to hypnotize /tame Singaporeans into obedience and submission to PAP rule no matter how corrupt/ immoral it might be (e.g. unmerited priority access to lift upgrading in very public bribes for votes scheme; turning People's Association into a political organization by having LHL as chairman and limiting the eligibility to be PA 'advisor to grassroots organisations' to only PAP party members and MPs; unnecessary formation of GRCs (+gerrymandering) when minority representation could equally be achieved with minority race/ religion NCMPs and NMP schemes as opposition politicians and minority PAP interests are admitted inclusively to parliament currently).
*CMIO= Chinese, Malay, Indian, Others.

The Show With PJ Thum - Ep 1 - The Elected Presidency and the Political Economy of Race in Singapore
New Naratif
Published on Sep 9, 2017
With Singapore's first racially reserved Presidential election looming, historian Thum Ping Tjin ("PJ") observes that the government's much vaunted "Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others" model of managing race has historically increased racial tension and strife. So why do they cling to it?

New Naratif explains and explores the forces which shape Southeast Asia. Find out more about our movement at http://www.newnaratif.com.

*Apologies for the error at 11:46 - Kesatuan Melayu Singapura was founded 1926, not 1826.
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