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met spore billionaire in europe


was in europe watched champions league Real vs Bayern and met spore billionaire, say hello and talk about spore. ask him why he never worry about spore getting worst economy and high unemployment rate, he replies if most of my investments are in overseas then i keep making more and more cash cow every month spore economy has no bearing on me, ask him don't you feel stress if sgd is weaken, he replies more than 80% of my cash is in usd so sgd weaken no problem to me and the other 20% cash enough to live luxury life here in spore, ask him spore property is higher price and smaller compared to overseas that's why never heard you invest in property, he replies yes its correct, only insane investors will buy insane property prices in spore so apart from my own luxury home here, I don't invest in property in spore but buy a lot of properties overseas as its lower price and super larger than spore biggest bungalow easily, ask him don't you feel sad for fellow sporeans if you stay here keep hearing negative news daily like traffic jam mrt breakdown unemployment etc, he replies as I said earlier I buy properties overseas and just to add I buy to live not to rent out so each year I only live 4 months in spore, the 8 months I live overseas different countries like an emperor, ask him do you pay tax in spore, he replies only 4 months here I pay very low or no tax at all, ask him how to think like a billionaire, he replies put all your cash into stocks only when first started and trade stocks daily like an art but not speculate like a science, once lets say I make usd 10million, buy a minority stake in a great brand company and collect dividends like a cash cow every quarter and if you are lucky the company may invite you be their board of non-executive director and you get a monthly director fee less tax about more than usd $100000 per month for attending less than 20 meetings annually, ask him if you buy insurance policy and he replies if I can make more than 20% profit from stocks every year why should I buy insurance policy returns are less than 6% after 40 years but I bought a policy of dao religion to stay in ti deng tian gong after I left my temporal self, and actually no need be billionaire, be a millionaire will let you live in California or Orlando Disneyland for a year enjoying seeing and hearing all the positive words and things each morning you wake up.
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