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Meridin @ Medini (Nusajaya)


20170105160344_Plot A17-1.jpg

Hi owners of Meridin.

The development should receive VP in a couple of months.

I was wondering if any fellow owners want to form a WhatsApp group chat like what I have with my neighbours from another development. Currently, we are living like a virtual kampong in our chat group.

We can share tips and update each other on the important stuff.

PM me with your hp number and I'll add you in a group once we have at least 5 members (arbitrary number).

Strictly no sales reps, please. Anyway, I reckon is quite difficult to sell or rent in today's market.

please advise on how to join the whatapp group? I'm one of the owner on the ground floor unit. Very disappointed with Mah Sing on this Meridin Project.