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Managing Agent Plays Property Agent & Becomes Tenant, Any Interest Conflict ?


Good Day, All,

We have this very interesting Development in Ujana Executive Apartments,...

To "improve the value" of Ujana, the MC Chairman has ordered that a Ujana website be made, to handle leasing enquiries,..

In the meantime, The MC

- Plays the role of Tenant Placement,..Commission goes 50: 50 between Ujana Common Funds and the Ujana-salaried MA Staff as incentive

- MA makes agreement with owner, and rents unit in Ujana.
So now, MA - which consiste only og Husband & Wife staff) stays as Tenants

- MA Staff parks all over Ujana, and selectively bullies Owners into parking in the appropriate lots

Does the current Strata Acts have clauses that covers such blatent conflict of interests ?

What can Concerned Owners Do ?

A trick I'd like to share with You all is that so far, the AGM's can easily be staged.

MC opts for minumum members, so that MC Chairman can plow his way through whatever he pleases.

And the process of accumulating Proxies, appears flawed, because there is no independent refree to vett the Proxy Numbers.

I am here to share my experience in Iskandar Properties.

So that Others may learn some lessons from the many tricks, the MC, MA plays

Constructive Advice and Help is much Appreciated,