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Manager who paid $20m for Alex To's album and concert now suing him



Is Mr To gay?

Alex To has recently fallen out with his manager, Yao Feng Xun.

Yao, who managed Alex’s career for 10 years has accused him for instigating two staff to steal confidential data from the company. Yao also intends to sue Alex for breach of confidentiality and breach of trust.

If found guilty, Alex may face up to 11 years of imprisonment, reports Apple Daily and Takungpao via Asian Pop News.

The whole saga started after Alex terminated his manager’s contract. According to Yao, Alex refused to compensate him for the early termination, and instead, accused him for leading him to sign a fraud contract. Alex also accused Yao for dereliction of duty.

Yao refuted Alex’s accusations and pointed out that he had got him many show performances, but they were all rejected by Alex himself as he “did not have the voice to sing live”.

Yao further disclosed that Alex had owed him approximately NT$6 million. After his career hit rock bottom, Yao has paid for his living expenses, including the NT$20 million production fee for his album and concert last year.

Based on his manager’s accusations, Alex responded today that his statement is damaging to his reputation and he reserves the legal right to pursue the case.

Alex’s agency, Top Fun Entertainment has also issued a statement that said that his contract with the company will only end on 31 May 2019.

The statement said that Yao had obtained the evidence and witnesses of his data theft and urged all show organisers not to liaise with him privately.

The agency will not hesitate to press any charges if it obtains any relevant evidence.

Narong Wongwan

Alfrescian (Inf)
But this was a very popular song from him:

In the biz for so long and only 1 or 2 hits to show for it.....hardly a successful artiste.
The report mentioned the ex manager paid for his albums and concerts....A listers dun need to do that.
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Alfrescian (Inf)
Why Alex look the same 25 years ago ? Very strange 25 yrs ago I was a boy idolizing Alex who was a macho man, 25 later, I became a uncle and Alex is still a macho man.
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