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Chitchat Man Disappears Into Sea


Alfrescian (Inf- Comp)
Search ongoing for man last seen walking into sea off Changi Beach

Police have cordoned off a section of Changi Beach in search of a man who was last seen walking into the sea and did not resurface. (Photo: Nevin Jacob Thomas)

By Nevin Jacob Thomas
22 Jul 2018 09:42PM (Updated: 23 Jul 2018 11:23AM)

SINGAPORE: The search for a man who was last seen walking into the sea off Changi Beach is ongoing, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in an update on Monday (Jul 23).
The search by the SCDF and police began on Sunday, after authorities were alerted to the incident at Changi Beach near Car Park 2 at about 5.45pm.

"Based on information from eyewitnesses, a man was last seen walking into the waters and did not resurface. SCDF is currently conducting an underwater search in the area," said the SCDF.

Police Coast Guard boats spotted in the waters off Changi Beach. (Photo: Nevin Jacob Thomas)

When Channel NewsAsia visited Changi Beach on Sunday, authorities were seen conducting the search in the waters.
Police Coast Guard boats were seen as well.

A large section of the beach had been cordoned off too, while several emergency vehicles were seen at the car park.

Authorities seen conducting an underwater search for a man whom eyewitnesses said walked into the waters and did not resurface. (Photo: Nevin Jacob Thomas)

Source: CNA/ng/mn


Alfrescian (Inf)
Is he a pastor attempting to do a "Jesus walks on the water" feat that went all wrong?
No lah! walk on water...the report was walk into the sea...must be one of the 1,499,998 whose medical records was compromise & fearful that people will find out that he was ' AQUA-man'...so, he went & joined the aqua at Changi Beach...not the other 'aqua'.