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Man, 53, brings knife & pipe to Boon Lay hawker centre, gets arrested


Man, 53, brings knife & pipe to Boon Lay hawker centre, gets arrested - Mothership.SG
A 53-year-old man was arrested after showing up to Boon Lay Place Food Village late in the night on Feb. 24 (Saturday) with a knife and a pipe.
No one was injured.

The incident​

Shin Min Daily News reported that the incident took place at around 11:20pm at Block 221A Boon Lay Place.
A hawker said the man showed up at the food centre dressed in black.
Sometime later, he bumped into a chair, causing a small knife tucked behind his back to fall out.
This reportedly shocked hawkers and customers around him, and someone alerted the police immediately.
Other hawkers shared that when the man was buying his meal, he divulged that he had suicidal thoughts.
Surveillance footage shared by Shin Min showed the man, who was wearing a black shirt, arrested by police officers while seated at a table alone.
When officers searched him, they found a roughly 10cm long knife and a pipe on him.

A subsequent video posted to TikTok on Feb. 25 showed the man handcuffed and questioned by the police.
At least eight police officers were at the scene.

A regular at hawker centre​

Shin Min reported that it understood from other hawkers that the man was a regular at the food centre.
Some were confused as to why he brought a knife and pipe with him, and pointed out that he did not cause a ruckus that night.
One female hawker, who wished to stay anonymous, shared that she had known the man for nearly 10 years.
She said he previously had a Vietnamese wife, but she had left him.
She added that the man stayed opposite the food centre with his 70-year-old mother, who was suffering from cancer.

Arrested for possessing weapons​

The police confirmed with Shin Min that a 53-year-old man was arrested for possessing weapons in public.
Police investigations are ongoing.
Top image from Shin Min Daily News.

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