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Malaysian Woman & Her Family Almost Got Kidnapped In Bangkok


Malaysian Woman & Her Family Almost Got Kidnapped In Bangkok: "Luckily We Understood A Bit Of Thai"

Source: Facebook

While most love journeying to Bangkok, in recent years, there have been many reports of people getting kidnapped and sold into indentured service while holidaying there. And this local’s recounting of her time in Bangkok, is unfortunately, another such story in a long line of cautionary tales.

According to a netizen who shared her story on Facebook on 11th November, her recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand had almost ended badly when they chose to take an unofficial chartered car for a trip. Luckily, they were aware enough to realise when something was suspicious about the trip and were able to escape safely.

Source: PxHere

I went to Bangkok, Thailand with my family a few days ago. I originally planned to walk around the hotel on this trip because we didn’t have a chartered car,” the netizen shared. “But the following afternoon, I suddenly wanted to visit some attractions which were far away.” However, the family was able to find a small stall near the hotel, offering to charter a day trip with a few selected attractions for only 1500฿ (~RM196), which they felt worthwhile.

But, they soon had some concerns about the trip, especially after hearing their driver make five to six calls in 20 minutes while toting them around. Reportedly, their aunt, who understood Thai, heard the driver tell the other person on the phone that “there are seven people in the car“. He also asked them details about their trip, such as the name of their hotel and how many days they were staying.

We also had our own GPS on, which showed us that our 30-minute trip was taking an hour, and that the driver was taking the wrong route. He was supposed to take the overpass, but he didn’t,” the netizen added. “We started to feel something was wrong.

Source: Pappalardo & Pappalardo

Hurriedly, they told the driver that they had changed their minds and wanted to return to the hotel, claiming that it was late and that the attractions would be closed. However, the driver insisted on taking them anyway, claiming there were other attractions they could visit. Frightened, they very firmly told the driver they had decided against going.

The driver then said he was going to get gas. He kept talking on the phone after we arrived at the gas station, so we got out of the car and paid him without asking him to take us back (to the hotel), because we felt he would bring us elsewhere and not take us back. Then we ran to the cafe next door, but we then saw that he had left without filling up,” the netizen recounted.

The netizen later shared that according to Thai folks, many hotels would often collude with illegal taxi services which had fake license plates and no passenger licenses to ensure the Thai government couldn’t trace them. They also warned them against drinking mineral waters provided in the vehicles as the water often contained Ecstasy.

Source: Facebook

(I’m publicising this) to advise others to choose a reliable chartered service,” the netizen added. “Don’t trust roadside services. We don’t really know if they had intentions of selling us off, but (no one) should bet on these kinds of things.

Well, we’re certainly glad they managed to escape the dangerous situation without any harm. Hopefully, others will heed their advice and continue to be as cautious when visiting Thailand in the future.

Source: Facebook


Just google Bangkok kidnapping.
It's headed by tiongs. Initially target fellow tiongs but casting the net wider now.


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