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Malay man did a Amy Chong racist comments








Alfrescian (Inf)
LOL at 'apolize'. Learn to spell properly before ranting online... you inbred illiterate Melayu. :biggrin:


Alfrescian (Inf)
This nigger is being lambasted in edmw. Seems like many ppl are sick and tired of the double standards. It's good to see many chinese that sit on the fence wake up. During the amy cheong saga there were many chinese and also condemned her. Want to bet how many mudlays if any condemn this m&d here for his remark?

In fact i can bet many chinese dogs don't care about what this m&d says at all and think it's ok. Want to be a chinese dog go ahead. They won't care if you support them. Want to hate on your own race but in the end get betrayed by others and ask your own race for help.

It's incidents like this that you can see the double standards and fuckers like them will always try to take advantage. For m&ds it's always about themselves especially like how just by being born a chinese you owe them a living or you owe them something. You and your descendants. It's good to see more chinese stand up against this. For the chinese dogs well continue being one but pls have the decency not to ask a chinese for help if you need help one day. Ask the mudlays or shit skins to help you.


Alfrescian (Inf)
The way to solve the noise problem is to prohibit the use of HDB void decks for weddings, funerals or any organised/religious activities irrespective of race, religion or politics (political party)-including burning of joss papers.

The govt with its billions can easily fund purpose build centres for such activities-like what the Community Centres is used now for many events. It can build affordable funeral, religious and social centres in each neighbourhood preferably blocked/shielded by bus terminus/carparks or commercial buildings so that residential areas can be quiet.

syed putra

Right now, there are many complains about immigrants when it account for only 30% of the population. The malays had to tolerate a ratio of one local to 5 immigrants in the early days before merdeka. So I suppose they have some grounds to complain.


In this shoebox multicultural hotpot, it is hard not to be even a little racist. The key is not to take it too seriously. If all parties can laugh it off, I would say it's fine by me. Let the jokes flow, just don't hate.


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
See what i mean?

Once they start eating food and not getting hungry and getting more energy, they start their insult and bashing for whatever reason. Their mosque teach them to behave like this after having food?

I do not know what it wrong with such human beings.

When they are hungry and no food to eat, they don't have the energy to think and then blur blur fly in a route to challenge the missile.

Once they have food already and get some energy, then they start to insult others. Are they having too much energy or eat too much meat?

Maybe they should go hungry for another month so that they have no energy to type.