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M’sian Singer Ezlynn Ariffin On Finding A Younger Co-wife For Her Husband



M’sian Singer Ezlynn Ariffin On Finding A Younger Co-wife For Her Husband​


MARCH 14, 2024

Source: Facebook/ezlynn1
Source: Facebook/ezlynn1

Polygamy isn’t for everyone. In Islam, before a man can marry another woman, it’s advisable for him to ask for his first wife’s blessing or otherwise, their relationship might end up like a certain celebrity who got married to his second wife behind his first wife’s back.
It’s certainly rare nowadays that anyone, especially women, would be so open to the idea of sharing their husband but singer Ezlynn Ariffin apparently has no problem with it. In fact, she was the one who initiated the process of finding a second wife for her husband to marry.

Here’s her story:

Source: Facebook/Ezlynn1
Earlier this week, Ezlynn opened up about her polygamous marriage with her husband Wan Mohd Hafizam, whom she married back in 2021. Speaking with the media, the singer revealed that her husband married his second wife, a 26-year-old doctor in Perlis last March. What’s more shocking was the fact that instead of her husband, it was Ezylnn herself who went out and looked for a co-wife to take care of him.
“I issued a statement to find a co-wife for my husband but couldn’t find a candidate. He eventually searched for one himself, and I think that was better because he’ll find someone he’ll like,” she said.

The 42-year-old explained that the reason for searching for another wife for her husband was so she could focus more on her career at peace.

“I am a busy person with work. Going on long trips makes me feel uneasy and restless. At the very least, having a wife to take care of things makes it easier. We will also receive blessings, rewards, and sustenance,” said the 42-year-old “Hi Hi Bye Bye” songstress. Ezlynn also revealed she opened her heart to polygamy after hearing a lecture about how obedient wives have a better chance of being granted heaven after they pass.

Source: Facebook/Ezlynn1

With that being said, she’s aware that her decision might have upset her fans but further emphasized that polygamy isn’t for everyone. “If you can’t accept polygamy then it’s best to not go with it as it would do more harm than good,” she added. The “Zombi Kampung Pisang” star disclosed that she and the co-wife would each spend 7 days with their husband on rotation.

Neither Ezlynn nor her husband revealed the identity of the second wife, possibly for privacy and safety reasons, which is for the best. It seems that things are going well for the singer so who’s to say that she made the wrong choice? What do you think?