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LTA looking into certification for PMA...basic theory for u?


Cb already handicap still that cb want speed,also many will go n modified to increase speed,who going to chk them also many of them not sick n use it as a transport ,speeding on walk ways ,some even horn u to give way , really cb,never stop, n some old cb drive into super market,cb no brain it so huge, cb,then Lankan Park outside n walk him,cb that guy can walk as a normal person knn


Old Fart
Excellent recommendations! Chee Hong Kia better don't fuck up their implementation.

AMAP’s recommendations include:-
1. Only allowing users who are certified with medical needs for a PMA to use mobility scooters on public paths (users of motorised wheelchairs are not affected);
2. ⁠Applying the dimension restrictions for PMAs allowed on public transport (i.e. 70cm width, 120cm length, 150cm height, 300kg laden weight) for those allowed on public paths, with exceptions granted to those with certified needs on a case-by-case basis;
3. ⁠Reducing the speed limit for PMAs to 6km/h on paths, aligned with walking speed;


" The panel's proposed changes include restricting mobility scooters to individuals with certified walking difficulties, and lowering the speed limit for all PMAs from 10kmh to 6kmh."


Very difficult to enforce the 6km/h because currently knn already notice many PMA shooting off like rockets on pavements and walkways at > 20km/h in shopping centres without care for others. In fact many of these siao langs even give you the fierce look to better give way to them or else get lost or get banged like bumper cars, LOL.
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