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LTA issues grant calls, seeks solutions to S’pore’s transport challenges


Guess the truth of the matter about transport in Singapore is that LTA has absolutely no clue what to do...
LTA issues grant calls, seeks solutions to S’pore’s transport challenges
Published03 JANUARY, 2018

SINGAPORE — From mining data analytics to shorten public transport journeys, to optimising bus operations through modelling and simulation studies, the authorities announced on Wednesday (Jan 3) that they are seeking proposals to improve Singapore’s land transport system.

The two grant calls launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) invite the research community as well as the industry to put forward research-and-development proposals in four areas.

First, researchers are invited to tap data analytics to pinpoint bottlenecks and suggest fresh solutions to shorten journeys on public transport. Solutions could include new ticketing technologies that lessen the time needed to board and alight from buses, and dynamic lane markings to give buses priority on the roads, said the LTA.

Second, the LTA is seeking new ways to meet public-transport demand, particularly during peak periods, while making the best use of resources by leveraging existing ones or even cutting resource needs. The aim, said the authority, is to ensure that public transport remains affordable and preferred by commuters — for example, by using modelling and simulation studies to optimise bus operations.

Third, proposals are being sought for how Singapore’s roads — which form 12 per cent of the country’s land area — can be better used and how the solutions can be put in place. The proposals should pinpoint the “challenges or considerations for various urban typologies”, said the LTA.

These solutions are aimed at cutting back on road space, so that they can be reclaimed for other uses.

Lastly, the authority is calling for proposals on new ways to raise the accuracy of measuring bulk excavations of soil, which make construction of underground depots possible, for volumetric analysis.

“The volume of bulk excavation has to be tracked accurately to monitor the excavation rate and factors such as volume of good earth and soft clay,” the LTA explained.

It is also seeking a quick and reliable three-dimensional model of sites for record and data analysis.

The two grant calls are open to all research-and-development organisations in Singapore. These include publicly funded institutes of higher learning, not-for-profit research institutions, public-sector agencies, firms, and company-affiliated research entities.

Submissions close on Feb 21. More details are available on the LTA website or the Integrated Grant Management System portal.



Grant Call Details
The Synopsis for this grant call is detailed below:
General Information

Grant Call ID: LTA-UM003
Grant Call Title: LTA's Grant Call for Solutions to I) Reduce Public Transport Journey Duration, II) Optimise Public Transport Services to Meet Demand, and III) Reduce Land Used for Road Carriageways
Description: LTA is launching a grant call for proposals that will leverage on research and technology to (i) Reduce the duration of journeys on public transport, (ii) Optimise public transport services to meet demand, and (iii) Reduce land used for road carriageways
Maximum Project Duration: 36
Opening Date: 03-Jan-2018 12:00 PM
Closing Date: 21-Feb-2018 12:00 PM
Multiple Submission: Yes
Additional Information
Funding Source(s): National Research Foundation
Managing Organisation: National Research Foundation
Grant Programme: UMGC
Description: Urban Mobility Grand Challenge
Contact Information: For further enquiries on this Open Call, please email LTA at [email protected].
For any enquiries related to NRF’s Integrated Grant Management System, please email the helpdesk at [email protected].



It makes me wonder: there are so many President's scholars, Rhodes scholars, Colombo Plan scholars, OMS scholars, etc...how come none of them comes forward with ideas and solutions? No volunteers from these groups of people meh?

Suggestion to LTA: award a scholarship that beats all existing scholarships to the person(s) who can help solve LTA's headaches.