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Lower-rung PAP MPs should fight the policies if they think are bad. Please spread!


A rejoinder in the ST forum suggested by a lady (Ms Poh, name ah hoon) that service industry cannot find locals or new citizens to slog becos of long hours and loyalty.
Ah Hoon stated that her brother’s food courts employ FT workers becos they are hardworking and willing to work on weekends. Singaporeans shun this kind of menial jobs and have had high demand.

Just take look at the currency exchange rate, Singapore money is five times of the China money, 2 times of Malaysia money, so on, you name it, and sing dollar is strong among Asia.
This is the gist why these aliens come to our shore. They come as mercenaries, they come to live in dormitory, save as much as they can, and get rich back home after the contract.

I believe you have heard that many pinoy-maids went back becoming saloon bosses and drive big cars and bangla men set up businesses back home after their contract.

Based on the premise of money exchange rate, PAP FT policy benefits these FT workers.
Unless sing dollar is small as compared to neighboring cuntries, local women becoming maids somewhere will starve their families at home to death!

Singapore is home to locals and new citizens, they have families and children to spend quality time with, life is not all about economy and greed and power, you become bloody nuts if you everyday talk about money and power. One good old example has already told us life is a silly drag when you need to go out with bodyguards.

Singaporeans have house loans to pay and high costs to live; having a demand is sane and proper when applying for jobs. Take a look at our ministers’ pay, am I talking big cock???

You have a first world govt and you expect a third- world workforce among the high-cost environs??? Fuck you dead!

Many Service and food industry vendors are greedy lot, like father like son; they rent stalls and shops, and get FT workers to run for them maximizing their profits. And they spend their times high in clubs and bars.

PAP MPs like Ah Yeo and halimah should fight the policy on how the govt allowing these vendors to employing in breeze these FT workers instead of locals or new citizens.
As soon as the rules are tweaked and enforced in favor of the islanders, these vendors and owners will also be hands-on and not live on SOFT RICE!

It is the policies that are harming the local -market labor and a cruel covert idea to beat the islanders into submission.

Singapore cannot have a first world govt, and expect the citizens to have the third world mentality, and if they are not submissive, they import FT workers to subjugate the citizens in term of pay and living standard.

But the citizens still big bills to pay will not only suffer but build up a pent-up anger against the PAP Govt which will one day, all hell will break loose!

It is the bad polices that these PAP MPs should overturn if they wish to stand up for the people and not just sing the UPTURN THE DOWNTURN SONG!

Divine retribution will come one day!