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Liverpool 7 Manchester United 0


Thank you for confirming your lack of understanding of the Game. United have been a spent force for the last decade. They won the EFL cup so what? that is 3rd tier trophy where the big boys often play their RESERVE squads. They beat a Barcelona that got iced from the Champions league..... I mean half the teams there are not even CHAMPIONS of their own domestic leagues but 2nd place etc. But I digress, United lost to Brentford 4-0 . . . Brentford! So Liverpool beating them is no big feat. This is akin to Singapore's sorry squad winning the fluke match at Jalan Besar 2-1 against Malaysia last March and then being thumped by Malaysia at Bukit Jalil by 4-1 this year.

Let LFC overturn that 5-2 (home loss) against Real in the champions league at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. That would be a tactical master class - not beating a listless Man United. BTW even the Kop recognised that Real outclassed the team as recognition that Real were operating on a higher level came from the Liverpool crowd when applauding Modric and Karim Benzema as the world-class duo were substituted and saluting the entire visiting team as they headed down the tunnel. So talking nonsense loudly does not make anyone right.

But that does not take away that they thrashed a very sorry United team that believed the headlines and plaudits the pundits have heaped on them. Kudos for Graham Souness for saying United would be soundly beaten - much to Keane's and Neville's giggles before the game. Now he is worth his salt as a pundit.

Ok , thx, noted.