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Serious Lazy SMRT Staff To Commit Hari Kiri Over Tunnel Flooding! Don't Say SMRT No Accountability!


blame it on supervisor or manager who allow this office behavior to happen. leaders must know their workers and know how to incentivise them. all workers will tuan if given the freedom and laxity. most likely sinkie managers themselves are jerking off, wanking themselves silly, doing upskirt videos, or having long lunches at the expense of the company they work for.
No. It's nothing wrong for jiuhukia to come to office early and not start work early. Just telling you come to office early does not mean start work early. But they surely go off on the dot as the later the more long the bus queue. You go see Jurong East bus interchange in the evening and see how long the bus queue is from late afternoon onwards.


Then what about those many many times when the trains are out not due to flooding?

No scape goat for offering?
They then use the time to pakchewcheng. Or go splash $$$$ at fuckshops.
Even then, they dont know how to decide what to do.
They got to eeni meeni minii moe and only after that, they know.

PTUI on all of them

PTUI PTUI on the fucking useless stinkies for voting and voting to keep them there and doing nothing to kick them out