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Chitchat Lawrence Wong will help Sinkies achieve their dreams! Huat ah!



Lawrence Wong: “I’m determined to help Singaporeans to achieve their dreams”​

In his maiden speech after being sworn in as the fourth Prime Minister of Singapore, Lawrence Wong expressed his commitment to helping Singaporeans realize their dreams. He characterized his mission as sustaining the Singapore miracle amidst a rapidly changing global landscape.​

Yee Loon15 May 2024

SINGAPORE: Newly sworn-in Prime Minister of Singapore, Lawrence Wong, delivered his maiden speech at Istana on Wednesday (15 May) evening, expressing his unwavering commitment to helping Singaporeans realize their dreams.

PM Wong asserted that he will not only lead but also shoulder the responsibility for the decisions he makes as Prime Minister.

He emphasized the need for Singapore to continually improve and transform, despite its current high economic standing.

He acknowledged the changing circumstances, including technological advancements and an aging population, that demand constant adaptation and progress.

Mr Wong highlighted the “Forward Singapore” initiative, which aimed to distil the aspirations of Singaporeans into a shared vision for the nation’s future.

Acknowledging the sentiments of younger Singaporeans, he noted their determination to pursue their goals diligently without succumbing to the pressures of cutthroat competition.

“I am determined to help singaporeans realize your dreams.”

Mr Wong committed to collaborating with tripartite partners to cultivate a dynamic economy, generate quality employment opportunities, and nurture innovation, all while striving for a fairer and more equitable society.

“We will look after our seniors, the vulnerable amongst us and those with special needs.”

“We will support all Singaporeans regardless of their start points age or ability to uplift themselves and Lead fulfilling lives, ” said PM Wong.

While acknowledging his team’s increased efforts in these areas, PM Wong stressed the importance of Singaporeans’ involvement in supporting their fellow citizens.

“Then we can build a Singapore where everyone succeeds in being the best possible versions of themselves. We can be a people, who are more inclusive, gracious and big-hearted,” he said.

“We can be a society where every Singaporean matters. And a Singapore that matters to every Singaporean.”

Recognizing the absence of ready-made solutions or models for achieving these ambitious objectives, PM Wong said, “We will have to experiment, discover fresh solutions and blaze new paths.”

PM Wong characterised his mission as sustaining the Singapore miracle amidst global change

Mr Wong, aged 51, was sworn into office on the front lawn of the Istana, marking the third transition of leadership in Singapore’s 59-year history.

He succeeded Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who served as the country’s leader for two decades and now assumes the role of Senior Minister in the new Cabinet lineup under his successor’s administration.

In his inaugural address as the nation’s leader, Mr. Wong characterized his mission as sustaining the Singapore miracle amidst a rapidly changing global landscape.

He emphasized the significance of his generation’s narrative, which mirrors the journey of independent Singapore and embodies the enduring values that have shaped the nation: incorruptibility, meritocracy, multiracialism, justice, and equality.

Acknowledging the legacy of the country’s founding fathers and their visionary policies, PM Wong highlighted the transformative impact of their steadfast pursuit over decades.

He underscored the unique leadership approach of his generation, committed to bold and forward-thinking strategies.

“We will lead in our own way. We will continue to think boldly and to think far. We know that there is still much more to do … and the best chapters of our Singapore Story lie ahead.”

PM Wong articulated that his leadership ethos revolves around seeking pragmatic compromises and fostering common ground among communities, underpinned by mutual trust and respect.

“This is how we will continue to evolve and strengthen our Singapore identity,” he said.

“It’s never about subtracting, but always about adding. It’s never about contracting, but always about expanding.”

Reflecting on Singapore’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he deemed the crisis of their generation, PM Wong credited the country’s success to the high level of mutual trust among its citizens and their ability to collaborate effectively.

Despite Singapore’s diverse demographics, Mr Wong highlighted the nation’s unity, achieved through embracing and respecting differences rather than accentuating them.

“Yet we’ve strengthened our bonds as one people. We have achieved this not by denying our differences, but by embracing them.”

“We have ensured that every community, every religion and every linguistic group, big or small, feels included, respected and valued.”

PM Wong extends gratitude to Lee Hsien Loong for leadership

Paying homage to previous generations of leaders, PM Wong remarked, “As we write the next chapters, we are not starting from scratch. We stand on the shoulders of giants.”

He credited Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, and his team for steering the nation through independence and establishing foundational governance principles.

Additionally, he acknowledged the contributions of the second Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong, and his team, who cultivated a more compassionate society.

Expressing gratitude to his predecessor, Mr Lee, PM Wong highlighted his unwavering dedication to serving the nation for over half a century.

Under Mr Lee’s leadership, Singapore successfully navigated through both domestic and external challenges, overcoming numerous crises.

“Mr Lee spoke often of the need to keep Singapore exceptional. He was exceptional himself in his devotion, his selflessness, and his dedication to serve. We owe him a great debt of gratitude,” he said of his predecessor.

PM Wong on navigating a complex global situation

PM Wong also emphasized Singapore’s current strong position but acknowledged the global flux, marked by geopolitical tensions and rising nationalism.

“For 30 years since the Cold War ended, we enjoyed unprecedented peace and stability in the Asia Pacific.”

“Unfortunately, that era is over. It will not return. Now we face a world of conflict and rivalry.”

Highlighting the prolonged competition among major powers for global dominance, PM Wong projected its continuation for years, if not decades.

He emphasized Singapore’s vulnerability as a small nation amidst these dynamics, stressing the necessity to adapt to a “messier, riskier and more violent world.”

While underscoring the importance of ASEAN’s role in regional cooperation, PM Wong pledged to maintain engagement with both the United States and China, advocating for stable relations between them.

PM Wong addressed the sceptics who doubt Singapore’s capacity to progress further, asserting that such scepticism is not unfamiliar, and Singapore will once again defy expectations.

“When the going gets tough, we do not crumble. We press on, with faith in our fellow citizens and in Singapore’s future,” he said.

PM Wong pledged to infuse his new role with the same determination and work ethic.

“This is my promise to all Singaporeans: I will serve you with all my heart. I will never settle for the status quo. I will always seek better ways to make tomorrow better than today.”


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