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Chitchat Lao Chio Michelle Yeoh wears Aluminium Foil to Met Gala! Samsters Got Steamed?



Michelle Yeoh's Met Gala gown mocked for looking like 'crumpled aluminum foil', but that's the look she was going for​

Michelle Yeoh's Met Gala gown mocked for looking like 'crumpled aluminum foil', but that's the look she was going for


Published May 8, 2024
Updated May 9, 2024
The Met Gala is the fashion event of the year for celebrities to turn up in the most glamourous and outrageous of outfits.
It's also the time for netizens to go all fashion police on stars from the comfort of their couches.
One star whose outfit did not find much love at this year's Met Gala was Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh.
The 61-year-old star had showed up at the event in a crumpled silver Balenciaga dress while rocking a wet and wavy bob, a look that netizens were not impressed by.
The reason? They think her gown resembled "crumpled aluminum foil", with others saying her outfit would be perfect to cook food in.
But jokes on them because the dress was made to look like tin foil.
In an interview with People magazine, Michelle revealed that the tin foil-textured gown was inspired by the childhood of Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga.
"He said it was something he did when he was a young child, playing with tin foil and making dresses on his sister's toys," explained the Oscar-winning actress, adding that being at the Met Gala had "reawakened [Demna's] childhood memories".
So who's laughing at who now?
Tin foil dress was exactly the look Michelle was going for
A queen knows what she's doing, people See Michelle's dress in its full glory on Instagram below:


Alfrescian (Inf)
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It's all in plain sight, if you are discerning you can see it easily.