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Krafty, Hotbot, Nutbush, SNTCK .....


Generous Asset
F'kin manipulative yet needy humbug Scroobal has so many f'kin clones. :wink:

scroobal / JHolmesJr
debonerman / FuckSamLeong / Hakka Tiow
Thick Face Black Heart / Hawkeye1819
More important to focus on the eager beaver manipulative yet needy humbug trying his bestest to win friends and influence people and making his internet moniker Scroobal as "noble" and "credible" as possible. :biggrin:


Hahahahah so SNTCK and krafty were gay brothers like how SINKIE was very chummy with krafty. Very good proof SNTCK is SINKIE clone. Anyway whatever it is, certainly so different from the SNTCK now who is lady with kidney disease. Anybody who still believes that is either an idiot or fellow brother in stinky crime.