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KNS Restaurant in Jurong West suspended 2 weeks for not keeping chiller clean


KNS Restaurant in Jurong West suspended 2 weeks for not keeping chiller clean - Mothership.SG

It is closed until July 6, 2023.
Belmont Lay |
June 27, 2023, 01:43 PM


KNS Restaurant, a food shop at Block 990 Jurong West Street 93, has been temporarily suspended for two weeks from June 23 to July 6, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced.

The suspension under the Points Demerit System was the result of the licensee of the eatery accumulating 14 demerit points over a 12-month period.

KNS Restaurant was fined a total of S$1,000 for three offences that incurred 14 demerit points in total.
The three offences were the failure to register assistant (six demerit points), failure to keep the chiller clean (four demerit points), and using chipped crockery (four demerit points).

Risk getting licence cancelled​

SFA said that based on track records, a licensee who accumulates 12 or more demerit points during a 12-month period may have his licence suspended for a period of either two or four weeks, or cancelled.

Rehabilitative action​

All food handlers working in the suspended premises would also be required to re-attend and pass the Food Safety Course Level 1, before they can resume work as food handlers.

The licensee is also required to ensure that all food hygiene officers working in the suspended premises, if any, re-attend and pass the Food Safety Course Level 3.
SFA said it takes a serious view of these offences and would like to remind food operators to observe good food and personal hygiene practices at all times, and to engage only registered food handlers.

SFA added it will not hesitate to take firm action against anyone found to be in violation of the Environmental Public Health Act.

In the interest of maintaining a high standard of food hygiene at all eating establishments, SFA is advising members of the public who come across poor hygiene practices in food establishments not to patronise such outlets and provide feedback via the online feedback form (https://csp.sfa.gov.sg/feedback) or to call our SFA Contact Centre at 68052871 with details for our follow-up investigations.