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knife-wielding peaceful muslima pepper-spraying and attacks a Jewish safety volunteer in NYC, screamed ‘Allahu akbar’ and ‘I’ll kill you Jews’



The knife-wielding woman accused of ripping down posters of Israeli hostages and pepper-spraying a Jewish safety volunteer in Brooklyn last week seethed “I’ll kill you Jews” before attacking, the victim told The Post.

Melissa Ugur, 20, was allegedly slicing up the flyers Saturday afternoon in Midwood when Shmira Public Safety volunteer Mark Pomerantz confronted her and asked why she was taking the posters down.

“Because it’s not true, it never happened,” Ugur replied about the approximately 240 hostages whom Hamas terrorists kidnapped in their surprise attack last month, according to Pomerantz.

The 52-year-old father of three told her he didn’t want any trouble, but explained: “Nobody would hang up posters like that if it wasn’t true.”

Ugur then exploded in an antisemitism-fueled rage, Pomerantz told The Post.