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Kitchener Complex Is a Cowboy Town


Cab you name another place in Singapore that had more crimes than this place.
Drugs peddlers, drugs addicts everywhere selling and taking drugs openly, bookies betting at coffee shop as if they are in the turf club, robbery, snatch case, theft and break-in almost every weeks.

latest news, the 7-11 shop was arm rob twice within a WEEK !

Dan Now

Great !

Tom, I am going.

At least they don't sit in air con room and rob citizens in broad daylight by hatching all kinds of gimmicks and policies to marginalise Singaporeans.

We need a sense of proportion here.

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Alfrescian (InfP)
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thanks bro dareremore.must go and see see this cowboy town...serangoon road /race course road is completely transformed...it's bollywood/bangla town...i got completely lost just to go to my favourite farrer park. everything changing....foreigners everywhere and singaporeans flying overseas. sad hor.


its opposite the immigration building, blk 808 and 809 french road. During the day, also got chinese pei du mama soliciting for sex.
what a fitting statement. Sinkee immigration policy causing the country to go to the dogs, and you can see the effects right beside the building.