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Kids are getting out of hand these days


I was at Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall and observed two incidents which happened 10 minutes apart.

Incident no. 1 : One Indian boy coming down the escalator started cursing loudly at 3 other boys (they were walking past in the opposite direction), threatening them verbally to watch out when school reopens.

The 3 boys (comprising 2 Indians and 1 Chinese) subsequently looked at one other and wondered what exactly they did to offend the boy. As this individual took another down riding escalator, everyone could hear him cursing loudly yet again and shouting "Stare what stare!!!". All parties involved were at most secondary 1 or 2 students.

More at http://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/03/kids-are-getting-out-of-hand-these-days.html


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A netizen, Jerome, was outraged to find this rude message left on a McDonalds' table by a student who appeared to be hogging the seats to study at the fast food outlet at United Square.

According Jerome, he was angered not by the student's hogging of the seats, but the rude way she responded when she saw his wife looking around the restaurant for seats for his family of 3, which inculded his young son.

He wrote:

"“That’s our new generation for you . Hogging seats during peak hours at Macdonald , and sending an empathic msg to all of us not to disturb her because she don’t gives a shit

At a joint where it’s fill with young kids somemore

Come I clap for you

By the way , I don’t really care about the seats hogging , I am upset by the F word which is visible to ALL THE YOUNG CHILDREN HERE”

In response to comments by other netizens, who wondered if the note had been left by another occupant at the table, Jerome clarified that the note appeared to specifically aimed at his wife and other patrons who were looking for seats.

Emphasizing that he was not taking issue with her seat hogging, he said he was angered by her use of vulgarities in front of many young children. United Square is home to many tuition and enrichment centers for young children. Jerome even had to explain the rude behavior of the student to his young son, who had asked him about the meaning of the word in innocence and ignorance.

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/student-choping-table-vulgarity-mcdonalds-table
FB: http://fb.com/allsgstuff


Kids today are so angry. Will they grow up to be angry Singaporeans aiming to topple the multimillionaire minister government? Long live PAP