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Kayly Low gains 12kg, looks like pig and she calls it transformative.



S'porean actress Kayly Loh gains 12kg for acting role, learns to 'embrace' body​

The weight-gain journey was "transformative", Loh said.
Wong Li Jie |
April 18, 2024, 11:22 AM


In an Instagram video from Apr. 15, Singaporean actress Kayly Loh shared that she has put on 12kg over the "last few months."

Loh is known for her television roles in shows like Mediacorp's "Tanglin" and "Fix My Life".
Explaining the cause for her weight gain, Loh clarified that she isn't pregnant. Instead, she's preparing for an upcoming role for a drama.
"[...] the truth is, I am preparing for a role in an upcoming drama and to truly embody the character beyond the screen, my body had to see through this transformation," Loh said.

Process was "transformative"​

Showing herself enjoying food on her travels in the video, Loh shared: "Initially it was pure joy to have this excuse to indulge and let go."
"But this journey has been transformative, both physically and emotionally," the actress described.

Amid her transformation, there were times when she could "no longer recognise" herself, as well as days when she was "shamed by comments made by people who didn't know the reason behind this gain."

However, this weight gain has brought her down a path of self-discovery and acceptance: "But I'm learning every day, learning to embrace my body for all its imperfections," Loh concluded.

Comments show support​

Several of her fellow actor friends, such as Cynthia Koh and Hong Ling, said they'll join Loh for the remainder of her journey.

Image from kaylywayly/Instagram.

Others like Jeremy Chan and Benjamin Tan laud her commitment.

Image from kaylywayly/Instagram.

Image from kaylywayly/Instagram