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Johor Property Management, Help !


Johor has Nice Properties, but Poor Management, Politics, seems to Damage Reputaion

Regarding Ujana Executive Apartments, in East Ledang

Good Day All,

I seek the advice of the experts to the Following situation,

JMB & Developer-Appointed MA Failed to get all the Defects fixed

After DLP,...MC took Over,...
Developer attributed Defects as "Wear & Tear", and coupled with Missing / False Documentation,..the Records Looks "Clean"

MC used my records to claim from Developer - and managed little progress.

The Defects Persists,..

- Faulty Lightning Conductors
- Lift Shaft Defective
- Fire Monitors Not Working
- Painting Failure
- Lift Emergency Call Button, Not Workking
- Massive Cracks all Over,...with Water Ponding at car park
- Poolside Cracks
- ..etc.,..

I have written to the MA, and again, this current MA does not reply to my specific enquiries.

The old JMB's MA was Terminated, replaced by a New MA that doesn't seem Knowledgeable,

Are there any Statutory Requirement for the MA to be Qualified ?

The Abuse of Ujana's Facilities continues by the MA (only 1 staff, with her Family members) parking her car all over the place,..Bullying non-assertive, ignorant Tenants,...and also Playing the role of being the "exclusive" Tenant Agent for Ujana

Since MA took Over,..there has been a discovery of massive Missing Documents leading to Missing Funds .

Police Report was made (but I suspect, this measure is simply to cover the ass of the MC & MA)

..Lotss of Abuses by the Appointed MA,..and Owners' Complaints against this MA falls on Deaf-Ears,...the Chairman was cunning enough to engineer the recent AGM to have a Minimum number of committee members, thus the ability to plow through whatever management Wants

All these shennagans creates bad experience with legitimate Buyers and Discourage the Growth of the Property industry in this beautiful region

Owners does not seem to be united - as most are merely Investor-Owners,...

Which Johor Authority can help resolve these problems ?

Without prejudice, written as from impression

Appreciate Constructive Advice,



Link is for Strata Tribunal. Able to select English as language of preference.
Goodluck with trying to get anything done, unless you get the other owners and Media involved. Unless ALL the owners are united the developer will likely use the “divide and rule” tactic.

Thanks, Grago,

1. Does Managing Agents in Johor need to be registered ?

2. In Ujana, the MA function was transferred from previous MA to a Staff,..then the Staff registers the company.
Does the Staff, need to be Qualified to be a MA ?
What are the Qualifications needed, to be a MA to buildings ?

At first, they clamp cars, parked at the side of building,..then later they park their own management cars at the same lot - citing that these are "management Lots"

many Ujana Owners grumble quietly,..but the MC Chairman brushes it off as "small matter"

Now the sides of the building has oil stains from the parked car's engines,...


it seems that the Biggest Obstacle to the progress to Johor Living, are,..

1. the very poor management of buildings.
90% of the time, they make reasons to cover-up

2. Owners are NOT united.
Different owners with different agendas,...Investor-owners are totally different from Occupier-Owners

3. The acceptance of the "malaysia boleh" attitude,..in other words,..Do things first,..grab the $$$$ first,..then try to solve the details later


4. Is there a Conflict of Interest when the MA Staff rents from owners,..become Residents in Ujana,..
and parks cars inside designated lots,...
and also at newly created, "management" spots <-that are not designed to be car parks ?

5. MA Staff is appointed by Chairman, Committee, to be exclusive Ujana leasing Agents.
Commission to be shared, 50:50 between the MA salaried-Staff, who close the deal,
and the Ujana main accounts ?


6. In September, 2017, there were Two Break-in's at Ujana's Units.
Investigations so far, suggested that the culprits were guests from Air bnb

It is now December,...

THERE HAVE BEEN ANOTHER BREAK-IN,... plus suspected Malicious Actions,..

I Reported , Verbally and via WhatsApp to the Management,...and instead, I was removed from the WA char group,
citing reasons that i disrupt the "harmony" of Ujana

So, to the Owner-occupiers reading this,...

How to handle such Ujana Management Styles ?



There were "break-ins" also in [email protected] so i heard.

The MA did next to nothing to get neccessary records/informations for owner to report for investigations

Whilst the developer was slow to rectify defects, still it is being done.

Worst the JMB is not working in the interest of residents but "suspected" to self serve generally

So in general, situation is similar.


Sorry to hear these problems. Looks like possible conflict of interest at play. Recent updates in Malaysian property management, please see link http://mippm.org.my/

In my opinion, it would be an advantage to get a large majority of owners to agree to take action to rectify the problem. With the agreement of the majority of owners, an action can be started with the Strata Tribunal.
Hope it helps, Final recourse is to get legal advice, which is something one has to consider as the cost involved could be large.


Hello Grago,
Thanks, but it appears that Owners are NOT united.
Most Owners are only interested in securing Tenants, to feed / subsidize their mortgages
The game many play, is to hype up the sentiments,
Sell, Take Profit & walk away.

But for the Long Term, Legitimate Owner-Stayers (Johor IS Beautiful),..these group ends up with a lot of nonsense,...created by those with hidden agendas,...

Many Owners are afraid to reveal respective problems for fear of property price dropping further,...

So, as a result, and looking at the Bigger Picture,..the Problems are not solved and such sabotagues' the Bigger Iskandar Vision.

If there any Top-Level Policy Makers, Journalists reading this , I am willing to share in much more detail,..these experiences,

Because with Public Sharing, We can learn the lessons from the current abuses going on in Ujana Apartments, and many other Condominiums in Johor and Beyond.