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Chitchat jiuhu University Malaya Hires Proud Yankee Zionist As Motivation Speaker! Zionist Take muud Money And Fucks jiuhu As A CMI Pro-Holocaust Cuntry!


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

Universiti Malaya has come under fire for allowing an American academic to spread Zionist propaganda and accuse Malaysian politicians who support the Palestinian cause of spreading hatred against Jews.

Bruce Gilley, a US-based political science professor who not long ago caused outrage for advocating a return of Western colonialism, accused Malaysian politicians of calling for a "second Holocaust" against the Jews and also attacked former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

"This is a long-standing vice of Malaysian politicians going back to Mahathir's advice to learn from the Germans on how to kill Jews.
Today TV news hosts end daily broadcasts with 'From the River to the Sea' and 'Israel cuak' (Israel is frightened)," he wrote on X, commenting on his speech on Malaysian foreign policy delivered at a talk organised by UM yesterday.

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His series of postings against Malaysia's support for the Palestinian cause was met with reactions from internet users who questioned his account, while others criticised UM for inviting a pro-Zionist speaker.

"Irresponsible statement which is not only untrue but jeopardises the career of your local hosts," said activist Ooi Kok Hin, the executive director of electoral reform group Bersih.

"But you don't care, do you? Knowing full well of the context and still went into business for yourself. PS: It's not a keynote address. Stop exaggerating to seek validation," he added.

UM is understood to have launched an investigation into his speech, and has cancelled another talk by him tomorrow organised by the university's Institute of China Studies.

MalaysiaNow has also contacted Higher Education Minister Zambry Abdul Kader for comments.

Former higher education minister Saifudin Abdullah called on UM, Zambry and Wisma Putra for an explanation.

"Someone must answer," he added.


On social media, X user Rashifa questioned how UM could have missed the fact that Gilley is a staunch supporter of Israel.

"I was about to come to this lecture until I saw he has an Israeli flag on his page. A simple background check could have stopped him from entering the faculty. What a shame," she wrote.

"Academicians are academicians, but there are lines that we should draw in their morality as well."

Supporter of Western colonialism

In 2017, Gilley caused a storm over an article he wrote for the Third World Quarterly journal, in which he defended the colonialism of Western powers and said it was an exaggeration to claim that it harmed the countries they colonised.

Gilley among others called for a revival of colonialism, describing it as "useful" and "legitimate".

The article was later retracted, while 15 members of the journal's editorial board resigned in protest at its publication, saying Gilley failed to provide reliable findings expected in an academic paper.

Meanwhile, Gilley's speech at UM also drew strong comments from acting president of Muda, Amira Aisya Abdul Aziz.

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"This is absolutely misleading and unacceptable. His statements are falsely depicting Malaysia’s aim and goals towards peace for an independent Palestine state," she wrote on X.

She rejected Gilley's claim that Malaysian politicians were advocating a "second Holocaust".

"In fact, it is the Zionist government of Israel that is currently committing genocide at this very moment."

Amira then questioned UM for inviting Gilley.

"Academic institutions should be very careful when inviting speakers and lecturers who spread pro-Zionist narratives," she said.

Kuala Lumpur-based think tank Iris Institute said Gilley had exposed his ignorance of Malaysia's policies.

"His speech is a narrative of Zionist propaganda aimed at influencing students in Malaysia," Syed Ahmad Israa' Syed Ibrahim, executive director of the think tank, told MalaysiaNow.

"I understand that he is not an expert nor was he invited to speak on Palestine and Malaysia. This shows that he has abused the academic stage provided to him to manipulate and play on perceptions and sentiments aimed at spreading lies and confusion among students and the public."

Gilley's speech criticising Palestinian sympathisers came amid massive anti-Israel protests by students at prominent US campuses such as Columbia, Yale and New York University.

The protesters have called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to American military aid to Israel and a call for their universities to boycott companies that profit from the current war, which has so far killed more than 30,000 Palestinian civilians.