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(JIUHU PROPERTY MARKET) 投机买屋致断供严重 压缩贷款拖垮房市


投机买屋致断供严重 压缩贷款拖垮房市
这个月,要分享一个关于“压缩贷款”(Compressed Loan)的课题。
如果你成了受害者,并需要帮助,可以联络我[email protected] [email protected],或拨012-363 9232求助。


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Last month, I told the story of a group of victims of "zero-term home purchases."
This month, I’m going to share a topic about “Compressed Loan.”
Over the past 12 months, many victims have come to me for help, trying to avoid falling into financial distress or facing bankruptcy.
In helping them, I learned about the victims and found the development tactics of many unscrupulous industry masters and housing developers in Malaysia, as well as their operation methods.
Between 2012 and 2018, these industry gurus and developers targeted Malaysians aged between 35 and 40. Many people attended the lecture of Malaysian industry masters, got a pre-arranged housing loan, and eventually bought five to seven industries.
However, these Malaysians have a monthly income of only RM6,000 to RM8,000, how did they obtain mortgages with a total value of RM3 million to RM4.2 million through the National Bank’s Central Credit Intelligence Advisory System (CCRIS) list?
They had to pay RM15,000 and RM21,000 a month for a mortgage, buying a total of five to seven rooms.
The "secret weapon" of these unscrupulous industrial masters is the technique of "compressing loans", and working with banks to approve mortgages to industrial investors at the same time.
When an industrial investor decides to buy six industries from a developer at a time, the relevant industrial master will let him participate in this "compressed loan" The plan.
These masters of the industry will work with developers to first decide the net sales price of the industry to buy.
“Cash return for 15 months.”
Then, in conjunction with developers, they will raise the price of the industry so that industrial investors can obtain a 90% home loan equal to the increased price, and enough to repay the following payments:
1) The original net sales price of the developer's industry
10% first-period exemption for industrial investors
3) “Cash Return” Received by Investors from Developers Enough to pay a monthly contribution for 15 months until the industry adds value and is higher than bank loans, so you can transfer gloves.
Banks will be willing to lend investors 90 percent of the price after the increase, and there will be no problems.
At the same time, everything will be arranged. For example, all banks, on Thursday, August 1, 2019, at 3 p.m., went to the National Bank’s CRISS system to check together to obtain relevant information.
The bank then makes all the loans to the developer.

When the developer gets a loan, he will:
1) Pay the entire original net sales price of the industry first.
Second, the investor is then given a "cash rebate", which will be enough to pay a 15-month supply period until the industrial investor can sell it.
As for industrial investors, when an investor buys six units from a developer and gets a "cash return" Rm1 to RM1.2 million in cash.
In the beginning, industrial investors will feel rich.
But when they run out of cash rebates of RM1 million to RM1.2 million, industrial investors suddenly wake up and find themselves paying RM15,000 to RM21,000 a month to banks.
If most of the six industries are unable to rent and empty, investors in the industry will not be able to pay his home loan at RM8,000 a month alone.
Still, investors in the industry find themselves not the only ones facing huge debts, and banks are actually unfriendly.
The above experience is real. In Malaysia, thousands of people have fallen into the trap of these unscrupulous industry masters and developers.
So, I suggest that potential industry investors don't be like the victims in this article. Don't fall into the trap of zero plus cash rebates for masters and developers.
If you are a victim and need help, you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected], or dial 012-363 9232 for help.

syed putra

Silly investor fell for the scam. Truth is, jiu hu is under sold. Too many properties being developed simultaneously.