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Jiuhu aunty beaten up by husband for asking stupid questions



Woman in M’sia loses teeth after husband beats her for questioning him about cheating​

She has lodged a police report and is in the process of getting a divorce.
By Valerie Yuam - 17 Apr 2024, 1:16 pm

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Woman beaten by husband for asking if he was cheating​

A woman in Malaysia was beaten by her husband after she asked if he was cheating, as he had received a call from a stranger.

Her husband reportedly punched her more than 30 times, causing her to lose some teeth and require stitches.

He has since expressed remorse for his actions and promised to cooperate with police investigations.

Couple on their way home after a night out when incident happened​

According to China Press, the woman, a 31-year-old hairdresser known only by her surname Qiu (transliterated from Mandarin), and her husband, 43-year-old Ah Wen (name transliterated from Mandarin) were out drinking at a bar on Friday (12 April) night.

At around 2am, the pair made their way home together in a car.

During the car ride, Ah Wen received a phone call, piquing Qiu’s suspicions as there had been other instances when he received calls in the middle of the night.

Qiu therefore started to repeatedly question whether he was being unfaithful, sparking his anger.

Woman beaten & punched after asking husband if he was cheating on her​

Per Qiu’s account, when they stopped at a red light, Ah Wen started to punch her about 30 times.

Source: China Press
He reportedly did not stop even when he begged him to and pulled her back into the car when she tried to get out of the vehicle thrice.
Finally, the attacks stopped after Qiu called a friend for help.

The friend managed to calm Ah Wen down, who then drove his wife to a clinic for treatment.

Qiu showed China Press the bruises and wounds she sustained from the attack.
On top of her face and lips, she also suffered injuries to her body and legs.


Source: China Press
Her blood stained the inside of the car, she added, remarking in a subsequent China Press report that she believed her husband could have killed her.


Source: China Press
“I thought I would die by his punches. His eyes looked like he was about to murder me, there was no emotion at all,” she said.

Husband has bad temper, got into fights with others before marriage​

Qiu revealed to China Press that before their marriage, she already knew Ah Wen had a short temper and had a tendency to get into fights with others.

However, he never hit her before the incident. So, she decided to marry him as she thought he loved her so much that he would never hit her.

She never thought her husband would lay his hands on her just days after their first anniversary.

Source: China Press
Expressing her disappointment, Qiu noted that she has already lodged a police report and is in the process of getting a divorce.

Man expresses remorse for hitting wife​

When China Press approached Ah Wen, he expressed his extreme remorse for his actions.

He explained that he lost control after his wife’s incessant questioning about whether he was cheating on her. He claimed that Qiu did not stop even when he denied it.

“There’s a limit to how much a person can tolerate. I really couldn’t take it anymore, that’s why I hit her. I know that hitting her was wrong, and now I feel like I’ve let my wife down.”

Ah Wen disclosed that, as his wife gets suspicious easily, he has let go of work opportunities to stay with her, and even hands his salary to her every month. Despite these measures, he has not been able to quell her suspicions.

The 43-year-old also told China Press that he intends to extend his full cooperation to the police for the investigation