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Jiuhoo School Teacher Allegedly ‘Cages’ Primary 1 Student As Punishment



M’sian School Teacher Allegedly ‘Cages’ Primary 1 Student As Punishment​

JUNE 28, 2023

M'sian school teacher allegedly 'cages' primary 1 student as punishment | weirdkaya

A primary school in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, has come under scrutiny after netizens alleged that a primary one student was confined within an “iron cage,” sparking concerns for the child’s safety, especially with the presence of an electrical box within the enclosure.

Teacher allegedly cages year 1 pupil​

A netizen, Azuan, recently took to Twitter to share screenshots of a conversation between a father and a school teacher in a WhatsApp group.
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Based on the screenshots, the father inquired about his child being confined in a cage, and a teacher admitted to the act, leading the father to express his intention to visit the school for further clarification on the matter.
Malaysian school teage cage naughty student 3
Screengrab via Twitter
The father later shared three photos showing a small corner surrounded by an iron fence.

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While other parents queried why the child was confined, the father only expressed that such actions had ruined his child’s enthusiasm for attending school.
Malaysian school teage cage naughty student 1
Screengrab via Twitter
It is understood that the “iron cage” was purportedly set up to prevent students from touching an electrical box, serving as a protective measure. However, it seems to have been repurposed in a potentially harmful way.
Malaysian school teage cage naughty student comment 2
Screengrab via Twitter

Education Ministry responds​

When asked about the incident by FMT, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek said she would investigate the matter.

“I will verify this first,” she briefly commented to the news daily.
In his tweet, Aziz also questioend why a first-grade child was kept in an iron cage containing an electrical box.
“Even if the first-grade child is misbehaving, teachers should not overstep their boundaries,” he added.
The father has reported the incident to the state education department, hoping that the cage will be removed and only the electrical box will be enclosed.
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“Such incidents should not occur to minors, especially for my child, who is only seven,” he expressed.

Many share similar experiences​

The tweet has since garnered over 6500 likes and 7500 retweets at press time, with many sharing similar experiences that had while studying.
One netizen who claimed to have studied at the same school shared that the ‘prison’ was used to lock up naughty student.
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Malaysian school teage cage naughty student comment 01

Another netizen also shared a similar incident she had while studying.
Malaysian school teage cage naughty student comment 02

This alarming report has raised questions about school management and the protection of student rights, triggering societal concern and discussion about educational practices.

Byebye Penis

Some local childcare operators abuse kids via force-feeding of food that they don't like and humiliation if children don't sleep in afternoon.

I wonder if they feed sleeping pills to the kids too.


I see shitlets running around at shopping malls and inside MRT, I also feel like putting them in a cage. :rolleyes: