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Chitchat Jippun’s Top Musical Actress took revenge on bullying by acting in AV!



Takarazuka pressure leads to cancellation of porn debut​


Flash Dec. 31 Flash Dec. 31The cancellation this month of the debut adult video(AV) release of a graduate of a noted music school was due to uneasiness on the part of label Soft On Demand(SOD), sources tell Flash(Dec. 31).

On December 2, SOD originally announced the release of “Rena Takatsuka: AV Debut,” starring a 21-year-old with a shapely figure who stands at 176 centimeters with long black hair and a G-cup bust. Following graduation at a “popular music school,” she decided to change career paths, the company said.
One week later, SOD posted a message on its sitesaying that a “variety of circumstances” led to its cancellation.
Weekly tabloid Josei Seven (Dec. 19) quoted a writer covering the AV business who said the institution in question is none other than the Takarazuka Music School, located in Hyogo Prefecture.
In April of 2008, Takatsuka entered the Takarazuka Music School. An article appearing on an Internet site determined that she was the most beautiful pupil in her class, a pronouncement that led to significant bullying within the academy.
Following an accusation by a classmate that she had shoplifted items from a store, the school announced she had dropped out. In November of 2009, she decided to take the school to court since the claim was groundless.
In July of 2010, the school offered that her dismissal be cancelled and she graduate from the Takarazuka Music School in exchange for her not continuing on to the Takarazuka Review, the lavish all-female performing troupe.
She subsequently returned to her hometown in Tohoku. She came to Tokyo to study and was scouted by an AV company.
Insiders tell Flash that SOD got cold feet, saying that pressure from the Takarazuka side forced its hand.
“When an actress makes her AV debut, there is a lot of publicity and promotional releases,” says an employee at an AV company.
In the original promotional material for “Rena Takatsuka: AV Debut,” SOD did not provide the real name of the actress or identify the school.
“For Takatsuka, they were very protective,” continues the employee.
Takatsuka is scheduled to appear in a photo collection within the next 12 months. But Flashconcludes that whatever spell Takarazuka had over the Takatsuka still remains after they have parted ways. (K.N.)