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Chitchat Jiakliaobee Thai Drug Addict Uplorry by Small Buddha Statue after his temple rampage!



Thai man, 49, dies after Buddha statue impaled him in the chest during temple rampage​

He was friends with a monk and they reportedly took meth together.
Daniel Seow |
March 14, 2024, 06:52 PM

A man in Thailand died after he attacked a monk at a Buddhist temple on Feb. 27 and went on a rampage to destroy statues and other items within its main hall, Thai media reported.
He was later found dead by police on the same day after the head of a Buddha statue pierced his chest.

The temple in question was located in the Ban Beung district of Chon Buri province, Thailand.

Monk who was attacked said they had been taking meth together​

According to The Thaiger, the 49-year-old man, Ek, had reportedly been staying at the temple for a few days before the incident.
The monk who was attacked, Best, admitted to the Thai police that he had been taking methamphetamine with Ek, who was his friend.
He claimed that after taking the drug, Ek attacked him with a fluorescent tube before running into the temple to destroy Buddha statues.
Best then ran away from the temple to seek help.
When police officers arrived, they found that Ek had locked all the doors and windows of the temple to prevent them from entering.

Police suspect the man had fallen onto the head of the smaller Buddha statue​

Initially, the police waited outside as they suspected Ek had a weapon. However, after Ek responded to their call for surrender, they decided to force their entry into the hall.
They found Ek lying in a pool of blood, with a statue of the Buddha lying on his body and his chest impaled by the sharp head of the statue.
Police suspected that he was trying to climb atop the largest statue in the main hall to vandalise it when he slipped and fell onto the head of a smaller statue, whereupon it pierced his heart and lungs.

The monk added that he decided to end his monkhood for his misconduct.