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JB Food


I have been enjoying Wak Radol satay, following the recommendation from Internet. However, I have since found a better place which you probably can't find from just surfing the Internet. It's from a store set up opposite the 7 Days & Dance (https://7daysfitness.com.my/contactus/) in Desa Tebrau, near Ikea. Each stick/skew of meat selling at RM1 is easily more than 1.5 times that of Wak Radol's selling at 90sen each and it's not less tasty. The only catch is that it only opens after 19:00 and the speed with which they bbq the meat is significantly slower and therefore a longer wait.
The best soups are found at bukit indah. Chicken soup and pig stomach soup are concentrated and delicious. Black chicken soup is not bad too. The pork ribs soup is good too but provided you like the cuttlefish which I don't like at all. Got other soups which I haven't tried.
Where is this Iskandar Puteri ??
Can give me the exact location. I need a place to relax ..
My apologies for my late response.

Iskandar Puteri is formerly known as Nusajaya. Does that ring a bell? :geek:

Depends on how you wanna relax. If you wanna drink, you may wish to go to Puteri Harbour for some makan and drinks but please don't drink and drive.

If you wanna shop and watch a movie, you may wish to go to the Aeon mall at Bukit Indah.

Hope my answer suffices. :geek: