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Jasmine Yong’s son, 2, drowns in hotel pool while she and husband slept - as she posts tribute to her 'angel'



Influencer’s son, 2, drowns in hotel pool while she and husband slept - as she posts tribute to her 'angel'​

Story by Rochelle Barrand
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An influencer has told of her heartbreak after her two-year-old son drowned in a hotel pool in a tragic accident - the day before Mother’s Day.


An influencer’s two-year-old son drowned in a swimming pool in a freak accident after he wandered outside of his parent’s hotel room as they slept.

Jasmine Yong took to Instagram to post a tribute to her 2-year-old son Enzo, and told her fans that he had drowned in the hotel’s indoor pool while she and her husband Lim Kong Wang were asleep in the room next door. The tragic incident happened on Saturday May 11, the day before Mother’s Day in the United States. Yong also explained that the overnight stay at been planned in celebration of Mother’s Day, which was on Sunday May 12.

In the translated caption, she explained to her 474,000 followers that herself, her husband and their young son had decided to relax. She wrote: “As always, [Enzo] snuggled up next to us and drank milk before falling asleep.” However, when the couple woke up from their nap they couldn’t find Enzo.

She continued: “When I woke up, I found that he was not next to me,”adding that she sensed something was wrong when she saw that “the originally locked door of the indoor swimming pool had been opened.” When she walked in to the pool room, she saw Enzo in the pool, unresponsive. She said herself and her husband took their son out of the water and tried to perform CPR on him, but it was unsuccessful. She added that they couldn’t contact any hotel staff for help due to a “poor network” connection.

She went on: “We hurriedly ran to the hotel lobby with the baby in our arms and asked the hotel staff to help call an ambulance and provide first aid until the ambulance arrived. Half an hour after being sent to the hospital for rescue, the baby finally recovered his heartbeat but was still in a coma.”

She said, however, that Enzo died from insufficient oxygen supply, leading his heartbeat to stop. She concluded her post, “Our baby Enzo has become a happy little angel.” She also thanked everyone for their “prayers and blessings”.

The tribute was accompanied a carousel of photos, some which appear to have been taken at a memorial held for her late son. There was a video of a group of people releasing balloons to the sky, as well as pictures of drawings Enzo created.

Yong first told her fans about the terrible accident on May 16, when she posted to say that her son was “in the intensive care unit” - but at that point she didn’t share any further details of what had happened to him. At that point, she asked for her followers to send prayers her son’s way, writing: “We need everyone’s strength and blessings to pray that Enzo will wake up quickly and come back home.”

Young was known for posting lifestyle content and many of her posts included photos of her husband and son. In addition to her own account, she also ran an account that was dedicated to her late son and had 100,000 followers.


how come this jiuhu couple not charged in US for negligence causing death???


She looks like the typical Jiu Hu slut. Probably had the child with someone else and not the loser hubby.