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IU coming to Singapore...Yeah!!!!!!



K-pop superstar IU to perform at Singapore Indoor Stadium in April​


K-pop superstar IU will be having a concert in Singapore on April 20 and 21. PHOTOS: DLWLRMA/INSTAGRAM

Joanne Soh


When IU hinted in December 2023 that she planned to travel abroad in 2024 for an extended period, fans of the K-pop superstar were speculating if the 30-year-old had plans for a world tour.
The South Korean singer-actress confirmed the rumours on social media on Jan 16, sharing a close-up photo of her face with the caption: “2024 IU H.E.R. World Tour Concert”. Her post included concert dates in Asia, Europe and the United States.
IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, was last in Singapore in 2019 for her Love, Poem tour, where she performed to a sell-out crowd at The Star Theatre.
She kicks off her long-awaited new tour in Seoul in March and will head to Yokohama and Taipei before holding court at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 20 and 21.
Ticketing details have yet to be announced.
Apart from preparing for her world tour, IU also revealed via her new TikTok account on Jan 15 that she will release single Love Wins on Jan 24.
The music video stars K-pop boy band BTS’ V and is helmed by Concrete Utopia (2023) director Um Tae-hwa. Love Wins marks IU’s first original music since her last EP, Pieces, was released in December 2021. She also released her fifth full-length studio album Lilac that same year.
IU debuted in 2008 and has amassed a string of hits, including Strawberry Moon (2021), Eight (2020), Blueming (2019) and Good Day (2010).
She has also established herself as an actress in K-dramas such as My Mister (2018) and Hotel Del Luna (2019). She can next be seen in the 2024 Netflix drama You Have Done Well, starring opposite Park Bo-gum.
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