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Serious It's Official! PAP Is The Least Corrupt Asiatic Country For 2023! Majulah PAP!


Alfrescian (InfP)
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Singapore is ranked the fifth least corrupt country in the world in 2023.

According to the 2023 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (TI-CPI), Singapore is placed fifth among 180 countries, scoring 83 points out of 100.

It maintained its rank from 2022 and remained the only Asian country in the top 10.

Previously, Singapore was ranked third in 2018 and 2020, and fourth in 2019 and 2021.

Top 10 least corrupt countries
Here's the list of the top 10 least corrupt countries in the index:

1. Denmark (90 points)

2. Finland (87)

3. New Zealand (85)

4. Norway (84)

5. Singapore (83)

6. Sweden (82)

6. Switzerland (82)

8. Netherlands (79)

9. Germany (78)

9. Luxembourg (78)

The next Asian location on the list is Hong Kong, ranked 14th.

Measured based on public sector corruption
TI is a non-profit organisation based in Germany.

The index measures countries by their perceived levels of public sector corruption.

The views of experts and surveys of business people were taken into account for the rankings, as well as data from 13 external sources.

Countries are then scored on a scale of zero, for highly corrupt, to 100, for very clean.

Other indexes placed Singapore in top five as well
The corruption situation in Singapore remains firmly under control, said the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) in a press release on Jan. 30, 2024.

Other indexes have also ranked Singapore high in their list for the lack of corruption.

Singapore was ranked third for the absence of corruption in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2023, making it the top Asian nation out of 142 countries.

Singapore also earned the top spot in the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) 2023 Report on Corruption in Asia as the least corrupt country out of 16 economies.

It is a position Singapore has held since 1995.

Surveys indicate strong public confidence: CPIB
The number of public sector corruption cases remains consistently low, said the CPIB.

Public Perception Surveys regularly conducted by CPIB indicate strong public confidence in national corruption control efforts, the bureau added.

"Singapore’s reputation as one of the least corrupt countries in the world is hard-earned," CPIB said, adding that they will continue to work with the community to keep corruption at bay.

"CPIB is grateful to all members of the public for their constant vigilance and strong support in the fight against corruption, especially those who have come forward to report wrongdoing.

CPIB takes a serious view of all reports and information that may disclose a corruption offence, whether the informant is known or anonymous.

Together, we will continue to ensure that incorruptibility remains a key part of the Singaporean DNA."




Singapore ranked 5th least corrupt according to ... Wait for it.... World Economic Forum!!!

Wait, I think anything that doesn't pass scrutiny, just make a bill retrospectively to deal with it can already.

All legitimized.

In the first place, what about the corrupt index of the World Economic Forum???

Never believe in Fake News Media.


syed putra

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