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Serious It's Official! Even Peking Thinks That Chinks Will Steal Toilet Paper!

Discussion in 'The Courtyard Café' started by JohnTan, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. JohnTan

    JohnTan Alfrescian (InfP) Old Timer

    Oct 30, 2014
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    A park in Beijing has installed toilet paper dispensers with facial recognition to stop visitors from taking too much loo roll, media reports say.

    Machines at the Temple of Heaven park scan visitors' faces before dispensing a fixed length strip of paper.

    The tourist attraction is reportedly frequented by visitors who take large amounts of loo roll home.

    It has reignited debate over the lack of social graces among some Chinese.

    Flushed with success
    The newspapers Beijing Wanbao, Fazhi Wanbao and Beijing News reported that park officials have installed six machines at its public bathrooms in a half-month trial, with staff on standby to explain the technology to visitors.

    The machines, placed at the average heights for men and women, dispense strips of toilet paper measuring about 60 to 70cm (24 to 27.5 inches) to each person, said reports.

    They will not dispense more paper to the same person until after nine minutes have passed.

    "If we encounter guests who have diarrhoea or any other situation in which they urgently require toilet paper, then our staff on the ground will directly provide the toilet paper," a park spokesman told Beijing Wanbao.

    The park also upgraded the toilet paper's quality from one-ply to two-ply.

    Repeated calls by the BBC to the park's media department were not answered. A representative who answered the park's main line declined to answer questions.

    Earlier this month, Chinese media reported that visitors to the Temple of Heaven park's toilets were taking excessive amounts of toilet paper, some of whom were seen stuffing their bags.

    The park has been aware of this problem for years, which began shortly after it started dispensing free toilet paper in 2007.

    It has put up posters as well as broadcast messages on its public announcement system exhorting visitors to use less paper.

    City authorities have launched a campaign urging people to "use (toilet) paper economically"

    The trial appears to have had initial success - the park told Beijing Wanbao that the daily amount of toilet paper used in its toilets has gone down by 20%.

    But it has also had teething problems. Reports said that the machines, which take between 10 and 30 seconds to scan a face, had caused delays and confusion among some visitors who needed staff assistance.

    Beijing News said that two machines had also broken down during a recent visit over the weekend.

    'Use paper economically'

    The case has both amused and exasperated Chinese netizens, who have condemned those raiding the park's toilet paper supply.

    "Several low-class people have forced the rest of society to undertake a high-cost operation," said one user.

    "This is so ironic, the paper in public toilets is meant to serve all in society, now we have to use technology to regulate it," said another.

    Earlier this month, the Beijing Municipal Administration Center of Parks launched a campaign on Weibo called "Use Paper Economically, Spread Civility".

    Residents were asked to take a pledge to "take appropriate amounts of toilet paper with no wastage" from public parks.

  2. Leongsam

    Leongsam Administrator Staff Member Old Timer Old Timer

    Jul 10, 2008
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    More proof of what I have been saying about chinks all along..... they are scum.
  3. blueRad

    blueRad Alfrescian Old Timer

    Jan 1, 2016
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    Chinks are more worthless than toilet paper. They should be obliterated.
  4. EnBloc

    EnBloc Alfrescian Old Timer

    Oct 8, 2016
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    We should adopt this face scanning technology for IPPT so that 72 unfit good-for-nothings have to run 2.4 km like anyone else

    Come to think of it, cannot run 2.4 km, really CMI
  5. Ang4MohTrump

    Ang4MohTrump Alfrescian Old Timer

    Nov 29, 2016
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    The thief could had been an Ang Moh.


    連環爆竊觀塘工廈 華洋雙賊被捕 起回115副太陽眼鏡及單車
    撰文: 呂凝敏
    發佈日期: 2016-11-16 18:51
    最後更新日期: 2016-12-31 23:52


    疑犯被帶返警署扣查。(呂凝敏攝) 疑犯被帶返警署扣查。(呂凝敏攝)

    觀塘刑事調查隊6隊馮家恒督察。(呂凝敏攝) 觀塘刑事調查隊6隊馮家恒督察。(呂凝敏攝)



    大南街劏房遭爆竊 無良賊仔冷氣機都偷埋
    退休警成爆竊犯 認罪准保釋辦公屋事宜 官:住屋對香港人好重要
    【錦綉大盜】連番爆竊保安更亭裝假狗 七百居民開大會聲討
    警方在兩名賊人的住所起回大批眼鏡。(呂凝敏攝) 警方在兩名賊人的住所起回大批眼鏡。(呂凝敏攝)
    01 線報
  6. kryonlight

    kryonlight Alfrescian (Inf)

    Jun 20, 2011
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    Yes, please obliterate China from the world map. Her people no longer has any sense of shame after all those brainwashing Leninist indoctrination. She's a disgrace to authentic chinks like myself.
  7. green piss

    green piss Alfrescian Old Timer

    Oct 12, 2011
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    Pse lah, I am sure it was Ang Moh Law Sai used up all the paper. Can not be Ah Neh! Because Ah Neh use water to wash asshole one!

    Ang Moh are super wasteful on toilet paper, one Lao Sai used up a whole roll also not enough. When stupid Ang Moh go to China, they over estimated themselves, and tries crazy amount of Si Chuan Ma La Huo Guo ?????? sure Lao Sai until toilet paper finish one! Ah Neh eat large amount of Ma La Huo Guo no Lao Sai at all.


    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  8. ChineseDog

    ChineseDog Alfrescian Old Timer

    Mar 4, 2015
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    Good job my fellow Chinese dog. We chinks are scum.

    Hi are you a fellow chink?

    Good job my fellow Chinese dog. Chinkland should be oblierated from the world but all us chinks need to be included too!:p
  9. AllahPUKI

    AllahPUKI Alfrescian Old Timer

    Feb 22, 2017
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    yup. Chinese steal toilet paper.

    Allahpuki dogs like 'ChineseDog' and 'Winners' love to fuck own daughters. Incest ok lah because Allahpuki babi also do it.

    A food stall assistant, who sexually abused his biological daughter in their family flat for more than two years, was yesterday sentenced to 23½ years jail and the maximum 24 strokes of the cane.

    The man, 42, denied the charges. He is appealing against the conviction and sentence and was given $150,000 bail.

    Among other things, he claimed that it was not possible for him to have committed some of the acts, given the size and condition of his penis, which was deformed after an enlargement procedure.

    The man - who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter - committed various sexual offences against her between the end of 2011 and April 2014, when she was aged between 11 and 13.

    After the sentence was passed, the girl, now 16, said she was glad her father would get the maximum number of strokes of the cane.

    "He didn't even show any remorse today. He has the guts to turn around and smile at us. What is that all about?" said the junior college student, who was in court in her school uniform.


    Man behind IPPT cheating scheme jailed

    Mar 21, 2017

    Her mother, 41, who has divorced the man, said: "No matter what the sentence, even if he got the maximum, it's not enough to cover all that we went through."

    When the girl was just 11, her father grabbed her hand and made her touch him. The abuse escalated to more intrusive and degrading acts, with most of it taking place in the master bedroom when the girl used the computer there for school projects.

    Her father would ensure the door was closed and locked before subjecting her to a range of sexual acts.

    She kept quiet as she was afraid that the family would break up. But after yet another incident in April 2014, she decided she had enough and sent her mother a long text message revealing the abuse.

    "I love Dad... but I hate Dad when he does that to me," she wrote.

    After getting over the shock, her mother replied 12 minutes later: "I love you. You have me always."

    The next day, the woman threw her husband out of the flat. Three weeks later, she made a police report and filed for divorce.

    The man claimed trial for 10 counts of sexual offences - one for committing an indecent act with a child, five for outrage of modesty and four for sexual assault by penetration - and was found guilty last month.

    Yesterday, the prosecution sought a sentence of 24 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane for his "campaign of abuse" in performing "despicable and humiliating" acts on his daughter.

    Deputy Public Prosecutor April Phang said the man's "vexatious defence" about his "monstrous" sex organ was a "cock and bull story conceived purely as an afterthought to undermine the prosecution".

    "It was really the victim's misfortune to have a sexual pervert for a father," she said.

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