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Serious Israel Winning In Gaza! Denazification Of Gaza In Progress! Israel Flag Now Flying Over Gaza!

syed putra

Yes, that's how they killed 200 Hamas terrorists on Oct 7. Some Israeli civilians were collateral damage.

That's why the initial count of 1,400 dead Israelis has been revised down to 1,200.
Those apache helicopters used hell fire missiles on cars fleeing the concert.


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
The idf were humiliated by hamas on 7th october. By right, idf chief should resign by now. But because he was humiliated, he wants vengeance. Resigning means loss of pension.

Wrong to want vengeance after getting humiliated?

For some perverse reasons, moslems and their imaginary allah seem to enjoy humiliating others very much.