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Is Ah Loong threatening every Singaporean?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Yes, the future of the country is at stake. With the PAP and Lee Hsien Loong in charge, the future will be very bleak. :wink:

This picture is from the PAP website:

You have screwed up the last decade, and yet still want another half century. Piss off! :rolleyes:


Yes, the future of the country is at stake. With the PAP and Lee Hsien Loong in charge, the future will be very bleak. :wink:

This picture is from the PAP website:

You have screwed up the last decade, and yet still want another half century. Piss off! :rolleyes:
It's the PSD which controls the future with the civil servants dickhead fake general PM.


Saw his farked black face on TV mumbling n like going to cry as if we owe him money,I switched off the TV.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Majulah Singapura

Singaporeans man your battle stations!
Singapore needs you now!

Put your support for Singapore on Facebook
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Get a tsunami of support for Singapore Singaporeans


[h=2]Urgent need for volunteers to help the opposition (repost)[/h]

August 31st, 2015 |

Author: Contributions

fellow Opposition supporters,

I have a message that I urgently want to share. The time has come for us to
do our part for Singapore
. Nevertheless, we must not repeat the mistakes of

At the last general elections in 2011, 39.9% voted for the opposition and
this resulted in the opposition winning 6 out of 87 seats. After the election
results, opposition supporters were quick to blame the 60.1% for giving the PAP
such a large majority in parliament and the mandate for unpopular and unwanted
policies like the Population White Paper. Rather than blame the 60.1% for the
results, many of the 39.9% of opposition voters should also blame themselves for
doing nothing except voting against the PAP. Yes, you guys voted against the
PAP. But that is not enough if you want real democratic progress.

How many of the 39.9% actually volunteered to help the opposition parties
they were supporting? Only a small minority!
Did you really think your pathetic
one vote was going to be enough to topple the PAP? The GRC system has already
diluted the value of your vote, so your one vote is insufficient. That is why it
is so important for the opposition parties to cover as much of the GRC as
possible during the short 9 day campaign period! If you want to send a strong
message to the PAP, you have to go all out and help the opposition parties to
get the necessary manpower to cover ground. Their activists will be tired and
overstretched as the campaign goes on. Your single contribution may actually
change the outcome in a hotly contested constituency like East Coast GRC,
Holland-Bukit Timah GRC or Marine Parade GRC.

What if an opposition party lost narrowly just because they did not manage to
cover certain parts of your GRC in the short election period? What if the few
house visits that you helped the party conduct garnered that last bit of support
necessary for them to cross the 50% mark?

All you have to do is distribute flyers, hang banners, be a polling agent or
spend a few hours doing house visits.
You can even choose what you want to do.
The real battle is not fought at the rally stage but at the HDB heartlands, at
the door of every HDB unit. You do not have to volunteer every single day!
just need to dedicate an hour or two of your free time to help the opposition
party you believe in. Who knows? You may even get a free party T-shirt as a

If you do nothing other than cursing the PAP online every single day, that is
not going to help make things better for you or anyone else.
General elections
come only once every 4 or 5 years. If you are frustrated with the government’s
policies but are not willing to spare even 1 hour during a special 9 day
election period that only occurs once in 4 or 5 years, you cannot say that you
have truly contributed to the Opposition cause. You would then have only
yourself to blame for the election outcome.

If you do not have confidence in the opposition party contesting in your
area, you can always volunteer to help out elsewhere.
For instance, my area is
being contested by the NSP. I am going to volunteer with the WP and/or SDP.
Whatever help you render, it beats staying at home and being a passive

Some among us do not know how to volunteer with an opposition party. Is it so
hard? Nope. You just have to fill up an online form and they’ll contact you.
Here you go!

To volunteer with the Workers’ Party (WP), please fill up this form:


To volunteer with the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), please fill up this


To volunteer with the Singapore Peoples’ Party (SPP), please fill up this


To volunteer with the Singaporeans First party, please fill up this form:


To volunteer with the Peoples’ Power Party (PPP), please fill up this


To volunteer with the Reform Party (RP), please fill up this form:


I strongly recommend volunteering with the WP, SDP or SPP since they will be
involved in the hottest contests this GE and they have the highest chances of
winning. Your single contribution might be crucial in moving the votes in favour
of the opposition. Every one of us, regardless of race, language or religion is
valuable to the opposition cause.

Let’s work together to ensure that we have a better Singapore after this
general election. Thank you.


* Submitted by TRE reader.
Steady lah! Altogether now! HUAT AH!
It is ok if they want to plagiarised what I have been shouting from top of the soap box here.
I happily donate all rights to all that I wrote to Singapore and Singaporeans


Cleanse PAP Stinkapore into Singaporeans Singapore.
Vote only opposition
Vote out all the fucking corrupt PAPs

This fight is not just your voting for opposition, any opposition against the PAP
Singaporeans must do much more than just relying on their single vote.
Give them the money to support them in the fight.
Give them your time and energy to support them in the fight
They fight for you Singaporeans
They fight our common enemy
They fight the PAP and cronies, corrupt and rotten to the core, who stole over 180 billions from Singaporeans, and intent on stealing even more from us.

Support Opposition, any Opposition, all Opposition
Regardless if they have primary school, or O levels or A levels or PhD
Regardless if they wear singlets, or tuxedos
Support Opposition, any Opposition, all Opposition
Regardless if they wear slippers, or wear sneakers or shoes
Support Opposition, any Opposition, all Opposition
Even if a rat crawl out of a sewer and stand as Opposition
Even if a cockroach with 6 legs and 2 long feelers at the head become Opposition
They will be much better for Singaporeans than the fucking corrupt perverted PAPs who only think of laughing all the way to their banks and back from the banks
Under the fucking PAP, Singaporeans are the 4th class citizens in their own land stolen from them by PAP
PAPs are the 2nd class citizens with the Lee family as the first class aristocrazies
Fts are taken in as the 3rd class citizens kicking singaporeans into the 4th class and sinkies good only to go head down down and arseholes up high high to be fucked and tiewed by PAPs laughing all the way to their banks.