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Iran threatens to hit US bases if Washington backs Israeli counterattack




Top Iranian commanders warned Israel on Sunday that the country would face a bigger attack if it retaliates against overnight drone and missile strikes, adding that Washington has been told not to back any military action from its ally.

“Our response will be much larger than tonight’s military action if Israel retaliates against Iran,” Iran’s armed forces chief of staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri told state TV, adding that Tehran warned Washington that any backing of Israeli retaliation would result in US bases being targeted.

“If the Zionist regime (Israel) or its supporters demonstrate reckless behavior, they will receive a decisive and much stronger response,” Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi said in a statement.

The commander of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hossein Salami, also warned that Tehran would retaliate against any Israeli attack on its interests, officials or citizens. He said Tehran had created a “new equation” in which any Israeli attack on its interests, assets, officials or citizens would be reciprocated from its own territory. Salami also said the operation was a success “beyond expectations.”



It is a no brainer on WHO will win this pathetic war started by Persia Shia Iran. With war comes not only casualties, but also IDEMNITIES. USA has no wish to conquer Iran or turn it into another US state.

HOWEVER, the COSTS of war WILL HAVE TO BE PAID by the loser......and it WILL BE IN TRILLION$ - for labor, equipment, logistics, insurance claims, etc, etc....


Alfrescian (Inf)
The real shit stirrer from behind the scenes is China. Take note of the hordes of 'Chinese Mexicans' military-age sausage party invading the US southern border now. Everything that Iran, Hamas and Houthis have, are provided by China. :cool:

I'll say it again, the sooner China is nuked back to stone age and/or smashed up like Yugoslavia, the better it is for the rest of the world.


Had Persia Shia Iran gone silent ? No follow up on its threats to DECLARE war upon USA?

All PrezBiden needs to say to Persia Shia Iran is - MAKE MY DAY. And for sure he will have total support not just taxpaying Americans, but from the FREE World Nations.

In the next few days or weeks, the American dollar will strengthen & even high demand for its Treasury notes. It WILL be a headache for Aunty Yellen, as those SAFE & TRUSTED Treasury notes comes with interest rates to be paid.

It is NOT something the Fed wanted, but 7 Billion Humankind ARE NOT BLIND to the outcome & CONSEQUENSES of the foolish Persia Shia Iranian Military leaders & apostate Ayatollahs FAILED leadership....NOT even Russia, China or the greed filled corrupted African states....

Heck, even those Persia Shia Iranian military & religious leaders whom had grown fat from the wealth of Iran at the expense of its suffering citizens would be queuing up to buy US Treasury notes. After all, it is not they whom will become casualties of war, only those of ranking below them, while they will flee to Panama or Latin States to continue with their high life.....

May the next rulers of Persia Iran pursue those abominable ex- leaders to the max, & squeeze every penny that they had stolen & amassed for themselves, to offset the indemnity for the costs of war they had wrought to Persian Iranians, & a compassionate Marshall Plan be prepared for freed Persia Iranian citizens...