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IDF reveals: Al Jazeera journalist by day, Hamas commander by night



Documents retrieved from a laptop in northern Gaza showed Muhammed Wishah served within Hamas, per the IDF.​


Al Jazeera journalist Mohammed Wishah had a side job as a commander in Hamas's anti-tank missile units until 2022, evidence retrieved by the IDF revealed, the IDF's spokesperson for Arabic media, Avichay Adraee, announced on Sunday.

"In the morning, a journalist on Al Jazeera, and in the evening, a terrorist in Hamas!" wrote Adraee on X.

"During operations by our forces several weeks ago inside one of the Hamas camps in the northern Gaza Strip, a laptop belonging to someone named Muhammed Samir Muhammed Wishah, born in 1986 from Bureij, was seized where it is clear from the documents that Muhammed Wishah is a prominent commander in the anti-tank missile units in the military wing of Hamas."

At the end of 2022, Wishah transferred to work in the field of research and development in Hamas' aerial units, according to Adraee.

An employee works inside the office of the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network in Jerusalem (credit: REUTERS)
Enlrage image

An employee works inside the office of the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network in Jerusalem (credit: REUTERS)

Photos show Wishah engaged in terrorist activities

Adraee's attached photos showed Wishah engaged in operations within Hamas, including photos showing Wishah training Hamas members and firing anti-tank missiles.

"Who knows how many details we will reveal about the presence of other terrorists in journalistic uniforms in the near future?" added the IDF spokesperson.

The IDF's English-language X account responded to the revelations, posting "Hey @AlJazeera, we thought your journalists were supposed to give unbiased reports on situations, not actively participate in creating them on the front lines as Hamas terrorists."

Last month, IDF Spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari presented evidence that two journalists killed by the IDF in Gaza were actually members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


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