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'I got the wrong car': Man apologises after smearing faeces on vehicle in Aljunied



'I got the wrong car': Man apologises after smearing faeces on vehicle in Aljunied​

'I got the wrong car': Man apologises after smearing faeces on vehicle in Aljunied
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News
PUBLISHED ONNovember 21, 2023 6:05 PM
ByLim Kewei

The man who smeared faeces and placed prayer offerings on a car in Aljunied on Nov 19 has come forward to clear the air, apologising to the wronged victim and admitting that he had targeted the wrong vehicle.
The man had vandalised a white sedan belonging to a chicken seller and posted handwritten notes on the defaced vehicle and in the market. The messages contained vulgar language and were addressed to a person surnamed Tan.
The car was parked near Sims Vista Market & Food Centre.
The man, surnamed Zhou, admitted to Shin Min Daily News on Tuesday (Nov 21) morning that he had "gotten the wrong car" and was intending to target his neighbour.
"I have known my neighbour for many years, and he always causes trouble for me. I couldn't bear it anymore but did not dare to directly confront him, so I decided to smear faeces on his car to vent my anger," explained the perpetrator.
The police said that a 52-year-old man was arrested for public nuisance, reported the Chinese daily.

Stored faeces in container​

In the report, Zhou said that he had stored his faeces in a plastic container after defecating on Nov 19. He then donned a pair of gloves and headed downstairs to smear the waste matter on what he thought was his neighbour's car.
But as both his neighbour's and the victim's cars were of the same model, colour, as well as similar car plate numbers, the man ended up defacing the wrong vehicle.
Zhou also said on Tuesday morning that he hopes to apologise to the owner of the defaced car, adding that he is willing to wash the sedan every day to atone for his actions.
"Anyone would be angry if this happens to them, so I will apologise in person after her (the chicken seller) anger subsides," he professed.

Neighbour says their relationship good​

When Shin Min reporters visited the address written on the threatening notes, Tan, who is Zhou's neighbour, said he was unaware of the incident.
After being shown the notes addressed to a person surnamed Tan, this neighbour revealed that the person named in the message is his younger brother. His brother's car had reportedly been parked near the vandalised sedan.
He added that he and Zhou have been neighbours for several decades and have a good relationship with each other.
"We haven't had any friction recently and I don't know what situation led him to do such a thing," said Tan.
However, another neighbour, who declined to be named, claimed that both families have a tense relationship, although no disputes have occurred between them so far.