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Chitchat Hot Model Visits SG For The First Time Claimed That Singaporean Are Perverted



On Wednesday, October 17, an Instagram model and social media influencer, Janextar took to the social media to lament about the sexual harassment received from Singaporean netizens.

"A week ago I traveled to Singapore to get to know the country and you guys since most of my followers are Singaporeans. But bth I'm fed up. When I was there I was so disappointed by the behavior of the people I thought were supporters (a few were nice tho *thumb*)

I receive the disrespectful, disgusting, pervert messages from horny Singaporean guys every day. When I live stream 60% is talking about me, mostly in a pervert way - while I'm there, like an idiot, streaming so I can spent time with my followers. I really used to love being on Instagram, posting, live streaming and answering you guys but I'm honestly so tired. I feel bad for the people who actually want to get to know me (as a person not just as sexual object)

I do not hate Singaporean. It's the opposite. I'm very thankful to Singaporeans. Without them I would have never reach so many followers in such a short amount of time.

But enough is enough. Get your horny attitude under control or I'm going back to the old "childish" Jane who exposed all the people who wrote perv and mean messages to me cuz - why the fuck not :smile:)"

The beautiful Asian-European model uploaded her status and expressed her disappointment towards the actions of a few Singaporeans who sexually harass her on social media.

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