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Chitchat Highly Talent Maid Transferred Old Farts $$$ to Her Bank Account



After jail can go back live like a Queen in her kampung!​

Maid jailed for transferring over S$41,000 to her own bank account from employer with dementia​

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Published February 5, 2024
Updated February 5, 2024
SINGAPORE — When entrusted with her 82-year-old employer's banking details to credit her monthly salary to herself, a maid used the information to obtain more than S$41,000 in excess of what she was owed.
Albertina Kallu, a 46-year-old Indonesian, was jailed for 16 months on Monday (Feb 5). She pleaded guilty to one count of accessing computer material with intent to commit criminal breach of trust by an employee.
The court heard that Albertina worked for an 82-year-old woman who suffers from dementia and memory loss.
Albertina was paid a monthly salary of S$720 in cash or via bank transfer.
In April 2023, the victim handed over the details of her DBS bank account to Albertina.

She did so as her eyesight was poor, and she trusted Albertina to make the salary transfers to Albertina's bank account.
The bank account was jointly owned by the victim and the victim's niece. It was meant for the victim's investment savings and daily expenses.
Albertina was entrusted with the money in the bank account only to make outgoing salary transfers to herself.
However, between April and October last year, she made multiple unauthorised outgoing transfers exceeding her salary payments.
She first transferred S$954 in April, followed by S$470 in May and then S$780 in June.
In July, she increased the amount to S$3,780 before ballooning the amount to S$14,780 in August.

She then made transfers to herself of S$11,280 and S$9,280 in September and October.
In total, Albertina transferred S$41,324 to herself from her employer's account in excess of her salary.
She remitted the entire amount to her bank account in Indonesia and spent it, including on building a house. No restitution has been made.
In October 2023, the victim's niece discovered the crimes while reviewing bank statements linked to their account.

She filed a police report and the maid was arrested at the victim's home that same day.
The penalties for unauthorised access of computer material to commit an offence are a jail term of up to 10 years, a fine of up to S$50,000, or both. CNA


Lol, really foreign talent, sad for the old person when old the funking kids all push it to the maid,the old person should struggle n kill the kids when small or Don give birth to them ,really sad


Alfrescian (Inf)
Indon maids are very tricky and cunning. Some of them might even use Javanese black magic on you.

Hire God-fearing Pinay maids whenever possible.