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HDB to pilot flats without walls partitioning living & bedrooms in Oct. 2024 BTO exercise


HDB to pilot flats without walls partitioning living & bedrooms in Oct. 2024 BTO exercise - Mothership.SG
A new type of Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats will be launched during the October Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise.
Minister for National Development Desmond Lee announced the new type of flats, called "White Flats", in a speech at the Pre-University Seminar opening ceremony on May 27, 2024.
With this new flat type, homeowners can opt for a contiguous living and bedroom space that will be beamless and not pre-partitioned into rooms by walls.
HDB will launch over 300 units at a BTO project in the Kallang-Whampoa area, said Lee.
Image via HDB.
According to a factsheet issued by HDB on May 27, the project, located on the corner of Crawford Street and North Bridge Road, will comprise 80 three-room flats and 230 four-room flats.
HDB said buyers of flats in the pilot project will be able to opt for the White Flat layout when they are invited to book a flat.
HDB added that "the non-provision of internal partition walls will be factored into the pricing of the White Flats, which is still being finalised."

Open concept​

Lee said the new flat type was an example of how the government would "engage and listen" to young Singaporeans so that adjustments could be made "to better meet our society's evolving needs".
He noted that during the Forward SG conversations, feedback from young Singaporeans was that they wanted more flexibility in configuring the spaces in their homes based on different needs at different life stages.
He said the new flat type may appeal to couples who wish to have an open-concept space for young children to run around without having to remove walls.
At a later stage in life, the couple can then choose to re-configure the flat based on their new needs, such as creating bedrooms or re-designing their living spaces.
In its factsheet, HDB said:
"Buyers will have full flexibility to partition up or segregate spaces to suit their needs and preferences. They could also define spaces through various ways, such as using glass partition, furniture, etc."
Contiguous living and bedroom space in White Flats. Image via HDB.
Contiguous living and bedroom space in White Flats. Image via HDB.

Keeping BTO flats affordable​

Lee said the government will ensure a good supply of public housing and support Singaporeans with public housing grants to keep flats affordable.
Lee pointed out that those who decide to buy a flat early, shortly after starting work or finishing their National Service, will benefit from the Staggered Downpayment Scheme, which will be enhanced from the upcoming BTO launch in June 2024.
The Staggered Downpayment Scheme allows eligible buyers to pay their downpayment in two instalments.
The changes from June 2024 allow eligible young couples to make a smaller initial payment of 2.5 per cent, instead of the current five or 10 per cent.
Downpayment arrangements for eligible young couples from the June 2024 sales exercise. Screenshot via HDB website.
Lee also said the government will continue to ensure that there is a good social mix in Singapore's towns, and that the public housing system is fair and accessible to all Singaporeans.
He cited HDB projects in attractive locations within Singapore, such as the Greater Southern Waterfront, Bukit Timah Turf City, and the city centre.
Lee also pointed out that priority will be given to those with specific needs, such as those seeking to live near or with their parents for mutual care and support, those with three or more children, and first-timer buyers over second-timers.
Lee said Singapore is "on the cusp of the next phase" of its housing story.
He pointed out that the earliest HDB towns were developed in the 1960s and 1970s, and as these towns age, they will need to be redeveloped and rejuvenated.
"This gives us the opportunity to re-imagine what we want the future of public housing to look like," said Lee.
He then called for the audience's participation in the Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)'s upcoming engagements for the Draft Master Plan 2025, and invited them to share their ideas.
Lee said:
"The government doesn't have all the answers, and we'll harness the collective wisdom of our society by partnering Singaporeans, including young Singaporeans like yourselves, in this journey of re-imagining the future and making it come alive."
Top photo via John T on Unsplash & Desmond Lee/Facebook


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Exactly. They are crafty bastards. Selling flats without walls, and packaged it as open concept. And charge full price. I wonder how many daft sinkies will fall for this scam.


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HDB can earn more money then use it to release more cringe BTOgether ads to psycho young couples about the merits of 'home ownership'.