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HDB resale flat listing service officially launched, over 600 units for sale



HDB resale flat listing service officially launched, over 600 units for sale​

Prospective HDB flat buyers can now browse the flat listings and carry out transactions directly with sellers.
HDB resale flat listing service officially launched, over 600 units for sale
An HDB estate in Punggol. (Photo: CNA/Cheryl Lin)

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30 May 2024 12:54PM (Updated: 30 May 2024 02:23PM)
SINGAPORE: A new resale flat listing service was officially launched on Thursday (May 30) by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), with 600 units already listed for sale.
Prospective HDB flat buyers and their property agents can now use the service to browse listings and carry out transactions directly with flat sellers or their appointed property agents.
Eligible sellers can also list and market their flats on their own, added HDB in a press release on Thursday. They may also appoint a property agent to manage their listing.
Property agents will have access to a personalised dashboard for managing their clients' activities.
“This is meant to help them focus on providing value-added services for their clients, such as budgeting and guidance on next steps,” said HDB.
According to HDB's website, sellers do not have to pay to list their units on HDB's Flat Portal.
The new resale flat listing service was soft launched on May 13, allowing sellers and their agents to begin listing their units on the platform.
This early access was meant for sellers and their property agents to be familiar with the new service, and no transactions were allowed during this period.

HDB rolls out resale flat listing service: Should property agents and listing portals be worried?

Commentary: We need to tackle unrealistic S$2 million HDB flat listings


Sellers will be automatically prompted if their price is at least 10 per cent more than the highest transacted price for nearby units of the same flat type sold in the past six months.
This will help sellers make a more informed decision on the resale price while creating "a more sustainable property market in the long run", said HDB.
It added that it "reserves the right to remove listings which have unrealistic pricing or contain misleading information".
Sellers must also have a valid Intent to Sell to create a listing for their flat. Additionally, they can only post one listing to ensure that there is no duplicate.
While anyone can browse through the listing service, only those with a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter can obtain the contact details of the sellers and schedule viewing appointments.

How to sell or arrange to view a flat​

How to list a flat for sale:
Sellers can list their flat on HDB Flat Portal by clicking on “Create listing” under their profile on the Seller Overview page.
They will need to provide:
  • Up to 10 photographs of their flat.
  • Their intended listing price.
  • A description of their flat.
  • Whether they require a Temporary Extension of Stay and/or Enhanced Contra Facility.
Details such as the unit’s address, flat type, floor area, and remaining lease will be automatically filled in.
HDB will also provide information on the flat’s storey range, upgrading status, recent transacted prices, and eligibility under the ethnic and Permanent Resident quotas.
If a seller provides inaccurate information, HDB will take the necessary actions, including but not limited to removing the listing and restricting the seller’s future use of the portal.
Listings can also be done and managed by a seller's property agent.
How to view a resale flat:
Eligible buyers can log into the HDB Flat Portal to see the available viewing appointment slots for their desired unit.
Available slots will have a green circle on the calendar within the listing. Buyers can request a viewing appointment by clicking on their preferred slot.
If there are no available slots, buyers may contact the seller or their property agent to check their availability for an appointment.
"Together with the authenticated access to the HDB Flat Portal via Singpass for all users, the … service also seeks to create a more secure and conducive marketplace for sellers and buyers of HDB flats to transact, with or without the facilitation of property agents," said HDB.
"Prospective buyers are advised to plan their budget carefully, considering their income, renovation needs and mortgage financing ability, and exercise financial prudence in their flat purchase to avoid overstretching themselves."
Interested flat buyers and sellers can find more information on the HDB Flat Portal or visit HDB’s website.



Alfrescian (Inf)
Details such as the unit’s address, flat type, floor area, and remaining lease will be automatically filled in.

No confidentiality for the seller. Some seller only disclose private detail to their appointed agent, but now the whole world know who the seller is.


2% of transaction price for doing simple tasks. even the lawyers doing the conveyance earns much lesser than these motherfucker agents.
The are leeches ... anything they recommend they take a cut from them ... lawyer, bank loans, renovation contractors.
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