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Gupta for president

syed putra

Top S’pore banker urges city’s large reserves rethink
DBS CEO Piyush Gupta believes in creating competitive edges to leverage the city-state’s trillions.
Bloomberg - 14 Aug 2023, 3:42pm
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According to DBS chief executive officer Piyush Gupta, Singapore has yet to accept the fact that it is a wealthy nation. (Reuters pic)
SINGAPORE: Singapore needs to figure out how to better deploy its sizable reserves and leverage its wealthy status by investing more in the region, according to Piyush Gupta, the chief executive officer of the city-state’s largest bank.
“We’ve still not caught up around the fact that we are a rich country,” Gupta, the CEO of DBS Group Holdings Ltd, said at a conference titled Reinventing Destiny on Monday. “We have capital resources, how do we put it to work to create competitive advantage?”

The financial hub has over the years accumulated a large, undisclosed sum of reserves, which has been estimated at over a trillion dollars, a figure Gupta referenced in his remarks. Still, authorities have mostly batted off calls for a greater deployment of the pile, especially for welfare payouts.

The administration should consider whether to use it to “address the underbelly of society” or more importantly, to scale up Singapore’s presence in new sectors and industries, Gupta said.

It should also consider using capital differently by learning from nations like Japan, and investing long-term in regional countries to get greater solidarity, said Gupta, whose bank is also the largest in Southeast Asia. “Our neighbours think of us as a self-serving country,” he said.


When you are still fucking stingeing on social aid when you have huge reserves, you deserve to get roundly fucked. When white chee bais get paid inordinate amounts and yet they steal and fuck around


Alfrescian (Inf)
He serves Modi, not Sinkapore. Thanks to him, Modi is able to export a few thousands unemployed Ah Nehs and families to Sinkapore.

Trust him at our perils.


Why would I want to continue perpetuating voting for PAP who will want to forever increase its reserves?
Vote for them, also don't see any benefit from the reserves. Might as well vote opposition because it makes little difference, in that they'll screw you less.

The CECAkroach wants you to invest in India. We all know how that will turn out